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I was reading Someday Syndrome this morning, and read the Madonna article over there. I was thinking about the apparent hypocrisy of Madonna’s stage tour vs her eco-message, I don’t necessarily condemn her actions as hypocrisy, partly because I don’t like to judge people, but mostly because I am aware how easy it is to […]

I have become increasingly concerned about the proposed use of the National Idenitity Register here in the UK. State surveillance, and it’s more or less totally unapologetic about it. I do not buy the government’s claims that by sacrificing my freedom to have a private life free from state intervention and surveillance (at all levels) I […]

this week there has been a conspiracy of irritations, minor dramas and major performances, specially designed to raise my stress levels and to add completely unnecessary complexity to my life. Why can’t it all be simple? Here’s a rundown . . . blocked dishwasher – ewwwww. lots of ucky water swooshing in the bottom when […]

  What can I say?             I have no excuses . . . I have a thing about shoes . . .

Me and Rumpus had great fun yesterday afternoon – not ONLY the Scaelxtric, but also the Tomy track AND the Brio had to come out . . . Only running out of space and regular de-construction by a marauding Minni stopped us. (We still have more track in the boxes).

It’s one of those days today . . . Minni had her injections yesterday, so we had the obligatory sleepless night last night – an hour and half of restlessness, needing cuddle, not wanting cuddle, squawking – leg hurts, cuddle. Squawk – teeth hurt, need cuddle. Not comfy. Wriggle around a lot . . . […]

I sent some short stories out at the beginning of this week, and just as a ‘by-the-way’, I emailed copies to my mum. I spoke to her this evening, as I do every Sunday . . . she didn’t say anything about them, so I asked her if she’d read them. There was a really […]

We are enjoying some lovely late September sunshine here – would you believe glorious sun and 21 C today? I wouldn’t have thought it a week ago . . . but it’s fantastic and I hope it lasts a bit longer! We had an early-ish start (just for a change – early starts seem to […]

A very dear friend came to visit this week, using us as a crash pad on the way to and from a sponsored walk she was doing – 60k along the South Downs in 4 days – with a group of old college friends. Given they’re all in their sixties, this is no mean feat! Anyway, she’d […]

I’ve taken a step back from my writing this week, and have spent some time thinking about what makes me tick, both as a person and as a writer, and exploring those elements and how they feed through into my work. It’s made for an interesting (as well as fun) couple of days, and I’m still […]