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A friend of mine, or perhaps I should say an acquaintance from my sphere of activity, persists in calling me ‘earth mother’, and it annoys me. I didn’t really understand why, and hadn’t been able to work it out, until I critiqued a novel in one of my FM crit groups. In it, the main […]

I couldn’t tell you where the last ten days have gone. They have zipped past in a blur of mad working – on my writing, on critting, on some serious textile-ingĀ and in a haze of illness. On the writing front, I’ve been working on Holly’s course, and have got three absolute barnstormers of ideas on […]

We’ve had a fun couple of food days. We had a roast hoggett (hoggett is a 1-yr-old-sheep) leg last night, so today was leftover-tastic. I had to laugh, though – more at my own assumptions being blasted out of the water than anything else. Rumpus asked where the meat came from, so I told him. […]

I don’t know if it’s global warming, but I’m not complaining. Garden tidy-up is usually done in pouring rain, howling wind and involves plenty of misery and cussing, numb fingers and rain down the back of my neck. To be able to do it in glorious sunshine and a t-shirt is astonishing, and very welcome. […]

I’m in a tizzy . . . and totally thrilled . . .I’ve been asked to do some sample pieces of my textile art for a craft gallery down in Devon (Otterton Mill) . . . one of my customers went in, wearing one of my pieces, and the owners asked where yada yada yada […]

I’ve tried. Lord knows I *have* tried. I have treated it like cabbage. I have treated it like spinach. I’ve treated it as something in between the two. I’ve stir-fried it, boiled it, steamed it, shredded it into a pasta & goats cheese dish, pureed it into potato soup. The kids won’t eat it. T.O.M. […]

British manufacturing is in decline! Now that’s a news item I’ve heard so many times it’s sometimes hard to take seriously, but this time I think they really mean it – depending on what sort of manufacturing you are talking about. Competition from countries where wage and resource and energy costs are a fraction of […]

Sweet Potato!


Mmmmmmmm I got sweet potatoes in my veg box for the first time this week. T.O.M. got to try out some experimental cookery this evening . . . lucky him! This time, it all went well . . . (there have been disasters . . . ) I adapted a Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallĀ recipe based on what […]

or so we must believe . . . I’m irritated by this financial crisis on so many levels – and I think all my various irritations come down to a simple, fundamental statement: the people responsible for it are not being held accountable, nor are they suffering as a result of their actions. This seems […]