OMG – work!!!!!


I’m in a tizzy . . . and totally thrilled . . .I’ve been asked to do some sample pieces of my textile art for a craft gallery down in Devon (Otterton Mill) . . . one of my customers went in, wearing one of my pieces, and the owners asked where yada yada yada – upshot is, she’s contacted me and I need to get some pieces together and my portfolio to show, with a view to exhibiting . . .



Better get myself sorted out, then . . . two weeks and counting . . .


4 Responses to “OMG – work!!!!!”

  1. Congratulations — how exciting for you! What kind of textile art do you do?

  2. Thanks! I’m really excited, but I’ve got a lot of work to do, as up til now I’ve only ever worked on a commission basis, so have no ‘stock’ as it were! I’ve got two main areas of work . . . but it all revolves around recycling/upcycling of existing garments, rather than starting from scratch with new fabrics/materials. I’ll be raiding our local charity shops tomorrow to get some materials . . .

    I do a lot of patchwork/applique/quilting with ribbon/embroidery/beading, almost all by hand, and all from old clothes – mostly children’s clothes, but also wedding dresses, ball gowns and other ‘special’ garments. These can be anything from small cushion covers through to king-size bedspreads, and I’ll make lavender sachets/sleep pillows from the scraps . . .

    The other area I work is garment refashioning – alterations, total changes and renewing with fresh trimmings, beading, embroidery etc. A lot of the beading is done with old jewellery – some I keep intact, some I’ll take apart.

    I’ve got some samples on my “Magpies Laundry” site – there’s a link under ‘Textile Arts’ on this blog – unfortunately, because most of what I do is so personal to the customer, not many of them will let me use images on the website 😦 so it’s by no means a complete portfolio.

    Thanks again for your interest!

  3. You’ve really gone back to patchwork’s roots with your recycling. I do patchwork too but I get seduced by all the beautiful new fabrics in the shops, so I’ve never made anything from preloved fabrics.

    There’s some lovely work on your site. Loved the beautiful butterflies! I really liked how you left the pockets and buttons in the pink quilt too; it gave it individuality.

    Have you ever done any crazy patchwork? Looks like it would be a natural fit for you.

  4. I’ve done a few random patterns – I think there’s a blue one on the site – I guess that’s the same as crazy patchwork? They get a bit headachey towards the end making sure you end up with a regular shape! I generally prefer a regular pattern, tho I did a hexagon a while back which drove me totally demented . . .

    I’ve got a book of US heirloom patchwork patterns which I’m slowly working through – much unpicking and restarting on those, though . . . very complicated

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