‘Tis the season . . .


. . . of fake, forced jolliness, overconsumption, and school plays. How I hate it.

BAH, HUMBUG and all that.

It could be I’m a tad stressed.

Honey has a ballet exam on Saturday. This means exam coaching classes every day after school this week, which is no fun for anyone this close to the end of term – we want to be kicking back and enjoying ourselves, snuggled in the warm watching DVDs or equally challenging activities, not flogging across to the other side of town at the fag-end of the day. Honey is loving it, but the two little ones are getting pretty hacked off. Tea at a cafe and a visit to Mercedes-Benz world have just about sweetened the pill, but what I am going to do tomorrow I have *no* idea.

The problem is compounded by the evening performances of honey’s school play – Mary Poppins, this year. I can only admire and applaud the dedication and hard work of the teachers who cast, costume and stage-manage 250-odd 7-11 year olds, finding a part for each and every one of them, and making sure they are all more-or-less moving in the same direction at the same time and can remember their lines. As a parent, of course it is fantastic to watch one’s child performing on stage and enjoying themselves. But as an adult, to have to sit through such horrors for TWO HOURS, with NO INTERVAL and NO BAR is a novel form of torture, when one’s child finishes her scenes in the first 15 minutes (and apparently watched ratatouille backstage for the duration).

So, here I am at 10pm, just had my dinner, with a splitting headache because my blood sugar and endurance have run too low, faced with the prospect that tomorrow, I get to do it all again.



3 Responses to “‘Tis the season . . .”

  1. 1 inklings

    Hi Ellsea, how goes? It’s Santa! Actually, I’m lying, it’s Ink, your friendly neighborhood Novel Club guy. I was just checking out your blog, as Wanu, bookworm1605 and myself just started a writing blog (sort of a whirling discussion on writing – alchemyofwriting.blogspot.com), and so I figured, you know, I should have some idea about what the heck I was doing. 🙂 I used to think a blog was a really bloated dog. And now I have one! (a blog, that is, not a bloated dog… cat would not be happy with me). Anyway, thought I’d check out some of the blogs from fellow FMers, particularly one’s whose talents I respected. So voila, here I am.

    I’ve tinkered with the story every week or two idea as well, though never actually implemented it. Right now I’m just trying to be more thorough about submitting, and trying to get a bit of short story work done around the novel writing and editing. The submitting process is a bit of a drag, but don’t let the rejections bother you. It’s a hugely subjective market out there. I used to work as an editor at a Lit mag, and seeing it from the inside really helped. It’s not just about talent and good stories, but rather good matches between a story and an editor… and that’s balanced against all sorts of other practical (and impractical) concerns. It’s a weird business. Keep going, though. I love your critiques at the Novel Club, so you obviously know your stuff. I should be putting my next novel up on the queue soon, and I’m definitely hoping you’ll give it a crit when the time comes.

    Anyway, see you around the Club…


  2. 2 Misti

    Wow, I’m with you on the whole Grinch thing. I’m completely not in the Christmas spirit this year. Of course, I don’t have kids I have to fake it for, either. Good luck!

  3. @ Inklings – the story every other week is a good discipline to get into and is working well at the moment, mostly because you end up with so much stuff out there, you don’t get stressy about the single baby floating about in a harsh, cruel world. Most of the time I can’t even remember what is where. I’m hoping that keeping the process going out-reject-review-edit-back out will eventually yield results. Fingers crossed . . . .

    @ Misti – heh. I’m doing my best to be cheery, but it’s getting me down – not helped by a full house of plague (colds).

    At least that week is survived – one more week and then school finishes and I cna collapse.

    I’m ticked off this evening because I got Rumpus a game for his ‘Leapster’ console, went to wrap it this evening and found no game in the box. I don’t much fancy my chances of convincing the shop that it wasn’t there when I got it home. BAH! DOUBLE HUMBUG!

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