2009 targets


I’ve been turning these over in my mind for a few days now, giving myself a chance to prioritise and work out tasks vs time available (always a difficult balancing act), as my wish list is always a lot longer than the amount of time I ever have to do it all in. But I think this is realistic and acheivable, and I reserve the right to move deadlines around on a quarterly basis, depending on how I’m doing with everything.

I’ve got some catchp to do before I can get stuck into the list, but I’m itching to get started.

1) Writing – always top of the pile, and always the longest list. I’m focussing on getting some of the backlog moving rather than starting a whole bunch of new novels – I feel the need to consolidate, edit and hone rather than build myself another tower of unusable first drafts. Some of this bleeds in 2010, but I’ve got the whole schedule here in case I lose my paper copy and/or my windows calendar dies. Work list/schedule:

Standard tasks:

– maintain schedule discipline of write/edit/submit a story every other week

– maintain current crit group commitments

– complete the “How to Think Sideways” course


– finalise, prepare synopsis and query letters and get out on the submission rounds

 Serpent of Colchis:

– complete edit by end of Q1 2009


rewrite by end Q1 2009

– edit by end Q2 2009

Contain This Hour

– rewrite by end Q2 2009

– edit by end Q3 2009

Sere (working title)

– this is the new ‘Think Sideways’ project, so it will run through the year. I’m planning the major writing as my Nanowrimo for this year, with a view to pushing on and finishing the draft by end Q4 2009

– edit by end Q2 2010

Lest Ye be Judged

– rewrite by end Q3 2009

– edit by end Q1 2010

Storyteller of Akal

– rewrite Q1 2010

– edit by end Q3 2010

Textile arts/craftingfrom a business perspective, this is more or less where I want it to be right now, though I have branched out to an Etsy shop this year. There are a couple of objectives I want to state, though they feel a little nebulous at this stage.

– try 1 new stitch, technique or craft I haven’t tried before each month

– stick to my ‘buy handmade’ pledge

– stick to my ‘wardrobe refashion’ pledge

– do at least one of Marysa’s lovely courses at the Otter Bindery

For next year (2010), I’m thinking that with Bellaboo starting pre-school, I’ll have more time on my hands, so I’m going to gear up for doing a couple of craft fairs, and will also get myself organised and apply for full membership of both the Embroidery Guild and the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen.

Personal – not so much here, though with so much going on in the above two, one of them must be:


– I will take at least 2 weeks holiday this year

– I will try at least 1 new thing with at least 1 of my children every month

– I will work through the “How to talk/how to listen” book

– go to bed before midnight at least 4 times a week

– Books/Reading

– I will read at least 20 books this year, and I will (try to) not buy any more books (excl below) until I’ve caught up my backlog

– I will catalogue the existing collection on Library Thing

– After cataloguing the existing collection, I will rationalise it, and divest duplicates, those I won’t read again and the misfits in the first edition collection

– I will reinvest the proceeds of any divestments in new acquisitions that fit with the first ed/rare collection

– house and garden

– grow more fruit and veg this year than we did last year – stick to the planting and maintenance plan

– reduce waste again to 1/2 a bin bag every week

– take another 5% off our total energy usage for the year

– declutter and redecorate loft, improve my workspace

– list and sort out all the little leftover jobs now the refurb is finished

– and last but not least, get my BMI back down to 22. It’s completely out of control since Bellaboo arrived, and I don’t think I can call it baby fat any more. It’s just fat. It must go.


If it doesn’t kill me, that little lot should keep me out of trouble for a while . . . wish me luck, and I’ll let you know how it all goes!


3 Responses to “2009 targets”

  1. 1 cherbie

    wow! you set your targets far! 🙂 good for you!
    i’m still trying to set mine for…this month.


    • I know, I do plan a long way out, but it’s more that I have a lot backlogged that’s really bugging me, and planning helps get it off my mind (otherwise I lie awake at night with it going in circles around my head) – it works for me as both a soother and a motivator.

      Good luck with your targets for this month – hope you hit them!

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