Progress report


Ah, well. In the flush of the first week, it’s of course been all positive!

I haven’t really got cracking on the writing/editing front yet, as I’ve got a little bit of  a backlog to catch up on, but I’m into the routine of writing a piece for submission every other week, which has meant that this weekend has been set aside for working on the new article idea – influence of feminism on spec fiction, an area of endless fascination, and as much because I was interesting in having a structured explore of the subject than anything else. Interesting how the roots are entwined between the genre and the movement, and what I think is fascinating is that the genre, despite (largely false) stereotypes & perceptions, is actually more open to a feminist agenda than mainstream fiction, which tends to largely reinforce the anti-intellectual perception of woman as a subservient doll to men . . . .  at the risk of sounding rather strident, which I’m not. But there you go – working on this article has been useful in forcing me to be a little more coherent about my own views on the subject, and although I wouldn’t define myself as a feminist by any stretch of the imagination (neither in women’s lib terms nor in modern-post-modern-feminist terms) I guess I do, ultimately, share a lot of common ground with the movement.

In other areas – I’ve been working on a sample patchwork which is done, I’ve bordered it with strips off an old linen napkin that was falling apart (and the remnants have triggered a further idea), and now I’m using it as a test bed for different types of embellishment experiments. It’s huge fun, though I’ll have to set it aside as I need to get to work on a couple of refashioning commissions.

On the personal front, I’ve lost a whole pound . . . wheeeeee . . . . though it’s probably gone back on as – normally activities apart – I’ve not done any proper exercise since Tuesday. Not sure how I’m going to squeeze that into my routine, given that we’re back into the full routine as of tomorrow. We’ll see . . . 

We were out in the garden today, so nice to get a bit of fresh air and sunshine, though the afternoon turned seriously cold again. The leaves are pretty much raked up, though I’ve still left behind some of the dead growth because I think, for example, the umbelliferous dead heads of the fennel and its cousins look so pretty in the frost . . . 

Apart from that, not much done apart from playing with children this weekend. I’ve caught up my current backlog of pictures and images and got them all framed and up on the walls, which has reduced the stash of salvaged frames to a single box. So that’s good. I’ve got the calendars up and running for the year, and my mother-inb-law gave me a fantastic organiser – I don’t use it so much for the diary function, but it has a list-space on each date which seems to be exactly how much I can get done in a day, so it’s become my to-do list! Working a treat so far, tho we’ll see how it goes next week when the pace is upped again.

It’s good to feel so positive at this time of year, to have so much to look forward to. I’m still tremendously excited about the year ahead, and a week into the year I’m on top of the plan and it’s feeling achievable. A key test will be when I start to hit the ‘Serpent’ edits in a week or so (once I’ve caught up on my ‘Think Sideways’ backlog 😉 ) – if I can keep on the pace with that, then I know the schedule’s do-able.

Bring it on!


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