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Holiday photos! Xabia, Costa Blanca, Communitat de Valencia – view of Montgo Mountain from Xabia port area at sunset Advertisements

I put my fear back in its box And I put the box where love is blind And I walk in the dark Where pain waits smiling And I know that I can’t leave I look at what I’ve become I’m a pure and perfect lie Like a blind man falling Scared and helpless And […]

It pleased you to make me endless You empty this frail vessel over and over Then fill it with fresh life again. You carry me like a hollow reed over hill and dale Eternally breathing new melodies through me. At the immortal touch of your hand My little heart loses itself in joy. Still you […]

Goldfish play They do not work. They do not set the alarm clock And get up at half-past seven And get on a crowded commuter train And go to the office. They are playful creatures. Goldfish play. from Goldfish Nation by Wendy Cope (Serious Concerns)   The summer holidays are almost upon us again, and […]

Imagining is like feeling around in a dark lane, or washing your eyes with blood. You are the truth from foot to brow. Now, what else would you like to know? (Rumi, Birdsong) Coming off the back of last week and a bit of reflection on the year to date, I feel like I’m getting […]