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Again, I couldn’t decide which photo to use today, so I’m posting two. An ‘inside’ day today, sorting through fabrics and trimmings and working out a couple of ‘mood boards’ for the autumn/winter textile pieces. The top picture, ‘forest fantasy’ is a blend of natural green tones that will work well with this seasons pale […]

I seem to be in a watery theme at the moment, or perhaps a little obsessed with the reflections and intersections between man and nature, water and land. We went for a walk along the Basingstoke Canal this afternoon, fed the ducks & the children picked me wildflowers. IMO, there are few better ways to spend a […]

The holidays are drawing to a close, and already the evenings are setting chilly. As the summer draws to its inevitably conclusion, t’o-m has observed “you’re about to start writing again, aren’t you?”. How well he knows me. Yes, the signs are unmistakeable. I am absent-minded (even more so than usual), grumpy, unable to settle […]

I’ve been hibernating a little today – a mixture of luxuriating in the joy of being home, and unpacking and otherwise straightening things out and getting things in order now the holiday season is well and truly over. So no outdoors expeditions today – the focus has all been internal, including the easing back into […]

Ah well, we’d hoped for a sunny end to the holiday, but instead we got a day of squally showers … but we went out, anyway, and I’m glad we did because these pines across the Otter Estuary down at Budleigh Salterton in East Devon where worth seeing against a slaty, scudding sky. Didn’t get […]

At Otterton Mill, on the River Otter, East Devon – one of the few working (commercial) watermills left in this country, splendid millers and bakers, home of great local food, and (in the spirit of declaring one’s interests) also the craft gallery where I sell some of my textile work 😉 . This picture is from the […]

We went rockpooling at low tide on Exmouth beach, and Honey caught a crab … I photographed it in her bucket with pretty low expectations. I certainly wasn’t expecting this bit of translucent magic. YAY!

Can you see a duck on this stream? Just fabulous, with the shafts of sunlight piercing the full-leaved summer canopy, and the mix of mirror-reflections and dark shadows and brilliant spotlights. A little gem of a stream, hidden away behind the East Budleigh Village Hall (East Devon).

Taken at Budleigh Salterton in East Devon (yep, on holiday again 😉 ), at low tide where the River Otter feeds into the sea.

Running behind with posting the pictures, due to some connectivity problems this last week, now hopefully solved. I liked the contrast between the silvery, aged planks of wood on the bench and the diagonal lines of the paving beneath.