Clear desk policy


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I’ve been hibernating a little today – a mixture of luxuriating in the joy of being home, and unpacking and otherwise straightening things out and getting things in order now the holiday season is well and truly over. So no outdoors expeditions today – the focus has all been internal, including the easing back into business – a little light email catch-up, organising notes for CONTAIN THIS HOUR, updating my order book for the textile business and putting plans and targets in place for the next week.

So now I’m caught up, this photo is of my desk and my two main notebooks of the moment – the big, hardcover for the novella-in-progress, CONTAIN THIS HOUR, and the softer one with the textile notes, inspirations, orders and sketches in it. I love those big, chunky hand-hugger pencils for rough work, and for anything serious my gorgeous, elegant Parker Duofold fountain pen – it seems to demand a certain level of intellectual rigour and orderliness of thought from me that helps frame the creative process into something coherent.


2 Responses to “Clear desk policy”

  1. I like the juxtaposition of new and traditional writing tools.

    • Thank you … the laptop was a bit of an afterthought, if the truth be told … without it, the composition looked a bit off-balance. It was only afterwards when I was looking at the photo that I noticed the different media … serendipity, I guess …. what a wonderful thing it is 🙂

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