Moods Autumn/Winter 2009/10


Moods AW 09-10

Again, I couldn’t decide which photo to use today, so I’m posting two.

An ‘inside’ day today, sorting through fabrics and trimmings and working out a couple of ‘mood boards’ for the autumn/winter textile pieces.

The top picture, ‘forest fantasy’ is a blend of natural green tones that will work well with this seasons pale grey/taupe neutrals and soft pastel, using a mix of fabrics from knits to canvas to silk to chiffon to dyed antique lace, with accents in gold and copper and pale pink. Trim will be gold costume jewellery, faux pearls, satin & organza ribbon, metallic beads and natural forms – faux fur and feathers and flowers. Subtle, and quite feminine.

By contrast, the second set, ‘precious minerals’ is much more flamboyant and decadent, strong scarlets and luscious fuschias in riotous harmony, a bold splash of colour that will make a huge statement against the sombre, mineral blacks and greys. The fabrics are more luxe and shimmery than the ‘forest’ collection, silks and satins and chiffons and soft, vibrant knits. Bold floral prints and retro checks feature, and trimmings come from chunky vintage beads in purple and grey, silver thread and chains add a metallic glitter alongside crystal beads to provide a modern gloss.

Moods AW 09-10 (1)


One Response to “Moods Autumn/Winter 2009/10”

  1. Nice contrast of texture, pattern and color.

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