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Honey (age 8) & I were reading about Kokeshi dolls over the weekend, and she was inspired to make one herself, out of plasticine modelling clay  …. a little pirate to go on the ship Rumpus & daddy made together on Sunday: I think he’s seriously cute … There are loads of other takes on the […]

Scenes from the school run … Over the Basingstoke canal: Can you see the houseboat? Through the woods Hurry up, Mum! And past the playground … No, we can’t stop and play. And into school for the big children. On the way back, Bella & I pass the gloomy house, and spot red berries reflected […]

Bellaboo is having an independent phase, part of which is insisting she choose her own clothes … of course, I am slightly envious that I’m far too grown up to go about in stripey yellow-and-black socks with purple shoes (at least until I coast down the hill of senility on the other side, at which […]

I got called an ‘earth mother’ last week – and found it surprisingly offensive. The person who said it is a good friend of mine, and I don’t think she intended it in a perjorative sense, but still …. The whole business took such a hold of me, that I needed to take a little […]

Sigh. I really should get less excited by sunsets, but, when they’re as stunning as this evening’s, I can’t help myself. Looks like we’re in for another good day tomorrow, if the old proverb’s to be believed – I’m loving Summer’s last hurrah, even if it is chilly in the morning and evening. Mind you, […]

Most of the time, we’re far enough from the big airports that we don’t even notice air traffic overhead. Yesterday morning, I saw that they’d been writing messages in the sky …. And I’m posting this so very late due to an insanely busy day yesterday followed by a heavy night out 😉

Oooooh, shiny!


We went to Alice Holt Forest today as we had glorious, glorious sunshine & I thought we should make the most of summer’s last hurrah. Obviously, I’m not quite done with the preoccupation with reflections as I have a whole series of images of reflections in this very shiny BMW (I’m just glad the owner […]

Nice! Logs delivered and stacked in the store, all ready for winter. Bring it on – I forecast cosy evenings by the fire …

I love the bright colours of the milk van, so couldn’t resist taking a photo of it when we passed it on the school run today … I was pleased, too, with the reflection of the trees caught in the windscreen.

Morning light


  Walking to school this morning across Pirbright Common, the sun was quite low still, and just lit up all the spiderwebs in the gorse bushes. The effect of that illumination was absolutely astonishing and quite, quite beautiful. I’m not sure that this photo does it justice, but it’s as close as I got.