Da Vinci


2009-09-01-DaVinciMachines (5)

We went to see an exhibition today at the Woking Lightbox Gallery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines: absolutely amazing, to see working models made up from his sketches and to see how far ahead of his time he was in terms of his mathematical and engineering skills …. just astounding. My writerly instincts want him to be a time-traveller, who saw these things in our time & took them back with him, but my more rational brain just marvels at an astonishing intellect able to think so clearly, through and beyond the norms and constraints of his contemporaries and culture.

The quote above, stencilled on the wall above a reproduction of  ‘The Last Supper’, rang true: art *is* never finished – an artist is never satisfied with the work they produce, always seeing flaws and always seeing it fall short of the original vision … but still it is done to the best of the artist’s ability and inspiration and then abandoned and left to grow a life of its own, complete with flaws and quirks that lend it its own personality and life beyond that of the artist’s particular vision as layers of others’ interpretations build up a veneer of significance and personal relevance.

2009-09-01-DaVinciMachines (6)


2009-09-01-DaVinciMachines (7)


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