Let the madness begin …


It’s the beginning of November, and nothing else matters except getting those 50,000 words down, at approximately 1,700 per day, every day for the next few weeks.

Desk (3)

I’m excited and a little bit nervous, but overall glad to be finally getting into this novel – it’s been waiting to be written for a long time, and it will be an absolute blast to get it out. Particularly so after a year of working (mostly) on old material in edits and rewrites, trying to get them up to standard. Here’s how it goes:

A skilled courtesan in the opulent decadence of the moon-world Sere finds herself the nexus between four political forces fighting for power after she rebels against her father’s decision to sell her to a political rival.

I do hope I can get that inner editor properly switched off, because I need to be able to just write, oblivious (largely) to quality and just focus on the story itself and in unravelling that. Having an unhelpful person leaning over my shoulder pointing out grammar slips, inelegant sentences and the odd typo is really, truly not needed. I’m working on the assumption that it’ll take me a week or so to get properly into the rhythm of it, so I’m not going to kill myself this week (I’ll save that for the final week of November), but with such a clear vision of the story and its setting, the characters and the outline, the anticipation is mouth-watering.

So, for that very reason, I’m keeping this short so I can get on with some *real* writing, instead of just talking about it.

Wish me luck?


4 Responses to “Let the madness begin …”

  1. Oh, sounds interesting! Lots of luck. Hope it goes well.

  2. Absolutely! And not only luck but lots of enjoyment along the way to 50,000. You’re doing well — 16,000 already!

  3. PS Just added you as a buddy. I’m emeraldfin on Nano.

  4. Thanks! Nano is going well – hit 20k for the week, even with a day off. Woooo – what a ride!

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