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Wednesday: Wii Fit after drop off – series of killer exercises for thighs made me wish I’d gone for a run instead. As the sadist-woman says “my body will thank me for it”. It’d better, is all I can say. Visit from sister – nice time, though brief … we’re so different that it’s like […]

Hectic! Coffee at a friend’s straight from drop-off to give another friend her 40th birthday present – it’s this weekend and she’s away to Edinburgh to celebrate, so we got her a shopping voucher for Harvey Nicks. (envy). (yes, even with my wardrobe refashion pledge 😉 ). Had a happy moment because I got told […]

This week is suddenly looking scarily hectic with social commitments crowding my calendar out. I now have engagements every day except Friday, and can see I’m going to struggle to tick off my list. Rubbish sleep last night – took me ages to get to sleep & then lots of odd dreams (the ones where […]

“People feel they can rely on the irrational. It offers the only guarantee of freedom from all the cant and bullshit and sales commercials fed to us by politicians, bishops and academics. People are deliberately re-primitivising themselves. They yearn for magic and unreason, which served them so well in the past, and might help them […]

T’o-m cooked up a breakfast storm – yay! – so a good, if cholesterol-heavy, start to the day. Took Honey to the stables (turning a blind eye to the bedroom mess). Continued painting mission – Rumpus and Bella kept me company for a while, watching a DVD on the old telly and chatting on while […]

Kingdom Come J G Ballard Harper Perennial 2007, ISBN 978-0-00-723247-5 A gunman opens fire in a shopping mall. Not a terrorist, apparently, but a madman with a rifle. Or not, as he is mysteriously (and quickly) set free without charge . . . One of the victims is the father of Richard Pearson, unemployed advertising […]

What? The end of the month already? Yikes! Here we go, then: Writing 1) 5 scenes on SERE (Mon/Tues/Thurs) 2) Post review of ‘Kingdom Come’ to blog (Sun) 3) Short story exercise from Erin’s blog prompt (Sat) (just because it’s really caught my imagination) Textile Arts 1) Work on SOA project 2) Phone Otterton Mill […]

Writing 1) Write up crit for Silver Griffin circle – done 2) Write up crit for Manic Medley – done 3) 4 scenes on SERE – 3 done, but with plot-card reorganisation to make the run-in easier 4) Rewrite ‘An Afternoon of Thorns’ and sub – done 5) Post to blog – done Textile Arts […]

Friday: Wanted to do a run after drop-off, but a nappy from Bella and the rain put me off – instead I did the Wii active, which is almost as good, though this session was more strength/resistance than CV, though of course building up muscle is just as important in terms of keeping the weight […]

How can we be so far into January already? Yikes! Wednesday: Wii Active after drop-off darn near killed me – the sequence of the end of squat holds, followed in quick succession by lunges, jump lunges and squats with calf-raises was just about the most painful thing I’ve ever had to endure. If I end […]