Rushes – 04 Jan & 05 Jan


Tracking for daily progress ….


Getting up 2 hours earlier than I’m used to when the outside temp was -7 was a nasty shock I could have lived without, but we survived.

Made a good start on getting the house reset – tidied 2 bedrooms, changed the beds, did laundry, cleaned kitchen, sorted out the disaster zone formerly known as the hall so it now looks like a hall again. Phew!

Rewarded self with a visit to the craft shop, so have now got all the bits and pieces I need for the Surrey Open Art comp. All twitchy and excited about getting started now!

Posted photos of Christmas gift highlights to photo-blog

Took some photos of the ever-so-very frosty outdoors.

Submissions tracker updated for the handful of rejections since the last round, resubbed 5 stories, tagged 3 for revision before resub, and had a massive head:desk moment when I realised in the last round of clearouts I’d managed to delete one of my favourite stories, leaving behind a cover letter only. GAH! Now I have to hope I have a hardcopy lying around somewhere, or else that my mum has a copy lurking in her email somewhere. Bad bad bad.

Good day overall, though, and nice to feel on track and not overwhelmed by the week’s plans.


Strange day today …

Did a run after school drop-off this morning, but even with thermals and being bundled up in the buggy, snow-queen style, poor Bella got dreadfully chilled, so we needed lots of hot chocolate and cuddling under duvets to get her cheerful again afterwards.

Ran a couple of errands, and then had to rescue t’o-m from work – we think he’s passing a kidney stone but will the wretched man see a doctor? Of course not. (note to self: must practice sympathy)

Started work on the website revamp – not so terrible once I got started, and have got 3 pages updated, so only another couple to go and some tinkering with existing content … I still have doubts if I’ve got it focussed right and whether it’s too cluttered – probably a corollary of looking at other textile artist’s sites Setting it as a goal for the week was a good move, otherwise I’d have procrastinated it even longer. I’d much rather be doing actual sewing Hopefully should finish it off tomorrow, children/weather permitting: it started snowing here around 6pm – the forecast is it’s going to carry on snowing until tomorrow night, pretty much, so looks like there’ll be no school tomorrow.

Went to dance class regardless … and glad I did – 2 of 4 exercise sessions done for the week!

Wrote up the crit for Manic Medley and posted it.

Posted some photos to the photo blog of today’s weather ….

And that’s another day done … I feel like I’m getting a good start to the year.


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