Rushes – 06 Jan 2010


Snow day!

Snowed in today! (No doubt ridiculous that 8″ of snow brought us to a halt, to those in climes more used to such events). No school for the children, so a lazy morning of loafing about in pyjamas, and me praying that the milkman would make it. (He did, eventually). Played in the snow, made a snowman, got pelted with snowballs … just so much fun!! School is closed tomorrow as well, and the way the weather forecast looks, they’ll be off on Friday as well. Honey is getting anxious that her school trip next week might be cancelled – hope not, after all the time it’s taken me to produce her tudor princess costume.

T’o-m suffering terribly – finally phoned the doctor who has prescribed major-league painkillers  – the only problem being that my otherwise lovely German rear-wheel-drive failed to leave the drive. Hopefully it’ll thaw enough tomorrow to get out for the meds, and some much-needed groceries, otherwise we’ll be sampling the unlabelled bags from the bottom of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

Found some time to finish off the Magpies Laundry website revamp – I keep checking it over and tinkering with little odds and ends, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it … it’s at if anyone’s interested. Not sure I’m totally enchanted with MS Office Live, but it’s free and relatively simple to use for a total incompetent like me, so it will do until such time I have enough funds/time/energy for properness.

No dance class tonight, so used the time to update the Magpies Laundry blog for some of the latest pieces:

And now I’m going to finish off the evening tinkering about with Honey’s headdress for her tudor costume.


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