Rushes – 7th Jan


Spent two hours this morning clearing snow off the drive so I could get the car out – the children “helped” and t’o-m supervised (and very nearly got a shovel in his head). The roads weren’t too bad once I got going, so acquired meds without too much bother. Groceries slightly more tricky – I didn’t dare venture out to either of the usual farm shops, as minor roads were still treacherous and I didn’t want to get stuck, and I didn’t want to be away too long with t’o-m hanging on for his painkillers. Instead, I went into our local co-op – I have *never* seen it so busy!! They had very little in the way of fresh anything, so I stocked up on canned food and freezer junk, so we won’t starve. The woman infront of me in the queue said they’d not had any deliveries since the snow, and that everyone was coming into the co-op because Sainsburys (the big supermarket down the road) was in the same boat, but they’d been cleaned out on Tuesday night – apparently, when the snow started, everyone piled in and stocked up like the end of the world was coming – madness!!! I’m glad, though, we’ve still got carrots, parsnips, cabbages & potatoes from last year that we can use, otherwise we’d be a bit stuck.

Made soup & bread for lunch, then took the children for a walk in the woods to head off incipient cabin fever …. Rumpus under severe protest (he doesn’t like the cold/snow), but eventually I got him bundled up and he did have a ‘fantastic’ time in the end, even with Honey provoking him and shaking down showers of snow from the trees onto him. It was gloriously sunny, crisp and cold, and it was good to get out there. I took a load of photos and even managed to catch one of the robin that accompanied us. My mum swears that my grandmother (her mother) is/was a ‘robin spirit’, and the way this one came round with us and watched the children, I could almost believe it to be true.

Back home, I blitzed the playroom, cleared a bag of rubbish and a sack of old videos (we have no video player) and made space for all the new christmas toys/games/etc … it wasn’t on the plan for the week, but I’m glad it’s done – the chaos was driving me crazy. It was like having an elephant in the room, all that mess … and when it gets to the point that the children invade the sitting room because there’s no room for them to play in it, and Honey invades my workspace with all her artjunk because she can’t make a space on *their* desk – well, something had to be done about it!

Made vegetable & lentil lasagne and apple crumble for dinner (there goes the diet).

Started work on SERE again this evening. Didn’t quite manage a full scene, but read through the previous chapter and got 3/4 of the way through the scene, feeling my way back into the story. At the moment it feels like pushing a juggernaut uphill, but I hope that once I get back into it, I’ll get some momentum going.

No school again tomorrow, tho t’o-m (now invincible & cured by painkillers) has announced he’s going to work. If the weather goes the way it’s currently forecast and this cold spell continues, then we’ll get more snow over the weekend so school is looking unlikely for Monday, too.


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