Rushes – 9th Jan


Yesterday was a bit of a blank … took the children to play at a friend’s house, and that wiped out most of the day. Managed some sundry laundry and other housework, and did the final finishing on Honey’s tudor costume for next week (weather permitting 😉 Tired in the evening, so vegetated infront of the telly with t’o-m and watched Celebrity Big Brother. Didn’t know who half the people in it were, but it’s good brainless mush … I must *not* get sucked into that particular black hole, otherwise I’ll lose a month of my life as quick as blinking.

Today … excavated veg from the garden. I’m so glad we have that backstop against being totally dependent on shops, it makes all that hard work worthwhile. I was a bit anxious what the state of the soil would be, but the snow seems to just be sitting on top like a cold blanket and although we have generally a heavy clay, I was pleased that in the veg beds, where I’ve improved it, the texture was good and the veg came out pretty easily. Bella was helping me, and poking the potato excavation with a stick when the poor baby overbalanced and fell head first into the trench, bashing her head on the spade on the way down. Poor lambie … she howled like a banshee, but no major damage done once she was over the shock. Sadly, blasted carrot fly has been at work so I’ve lost about half of the carrot crop – so disappointing and it means I need to clear the remainder of that crop out fairly sharpish – fortunately, next year’s rotation takes the carrots well away from that part of the garden and I’ll try interplanting roots and onion crops to see if that fends the beasties off next year. The parsnips and potatoes came good, though – we enjoyed them this evening, along with the last of the peas I froze from earlier in the year.

Snatched a little time to put the frames together and stretch the base fabric over them, ready to start work on the first of the planned projects for the Surrey Open Art prize. It’s exciting and a little bit daunting to commit myself to something so far outside of my comfort zone, but each little step I take towards it makes the task feel less herculean. As long as I produce something I love, that fits with my concept, I’ll be happy. I have no illusions about winning, but would love to make the exhibition.

Rumpus and Honey had riding lessons this afternoon … they were keen to go, and though I had reservations about the state of the roads etc, we went anyway. The ponies were a bit feisty having been cooped up all week, but they both enjoyed themselves. I took my camera and amused myself with some photography, but didn’t take many of them riding – it was dark in the school and I didn’t want to be setting the flash off and risk spooking the ponies. It took a good while for my feet to thaw out afterwards, and the drive home was made more exciting by fresh snowfall … the forecast is that it will carry on tonight and into tomorrow and Monday … which puts both Honey’s wish to work the stables tomorrow AND school on Monday at risk. We’ll see how it is in the morning ….

Spent a little time this evening posting to the Magpies Laundry blog – a pillow I had commissioned, posted a picture from this afternoon to the photo blog and uploaded the backlog of photos to my Flickr account.

Finally, I settled down to some writing! SERE is feeling like hard work just now, but I managed to finish off the scene I started on Thursday, and wrote a second scene from start to finish. It’s now at 31/65 scenes complete, and is sitting at 59,027 words (2,550 tonight). Considering I’m pretty much at the halfway point now, that’s looking good. My outline is hauling me through, and the benefit of rocking the ‘crappy first draft’ is that it doesn’t matter too much if I short-sell a scene in the initial, exploratory working, as long as I get the characters to the required end point.

And I think that’s pretty much me done for the day. I’m more tired now I’ve written about it than I was just getting on through it all!


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