Weekly Report Card 1: 02-09 Jan 2010


The week started well, with me full of vim and vigour and totally focussed on getting back into a routine and getting the house sorted out and back to some sort of normal. Then, of course, the snow came down, the week slowly disintegrated as it became increasingly difficult to maintain any sort of routine with everyone confined to barracks and bouncing off the walls (and each other). T’o-m being ill didn’t help, either, since he wasn’t able to pick up the strain in the way he usually does.

Still, all-in-all it wasn’t a total disaster:

1) Get submissions tracker for short stories up to date and either re-sub rejections or tag for critique/edit (Mon) – done
2) Manic Medley crit (Tues) – done
3) 3 scenes on SERE (Thurs-Sat) – only managed 2 scenes, but feeling my way back into the story. Hopefully, the pace will pick up now
4) Post to blog (Sun) done: https://ellsea.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/that-was-the-year-that-was/)

Textile Art
a) Acquire frames/materials for the Surrey Open Art piece(s) – done, and frames made up ready to start work next week
b) Post to blog – done, twice
c) Start work on website update  – done, and update complete

i) 4 exercise sessions (incl 2 x dance class) – only 2, unless I count the 2 hours snow-shovelling on Thursday and today’s 45 mins vigorous digging as exercise
ii) Measure up the loft and get it down on a scale plan not done, but hoping to get to it today. Still, I did blitz the playroom and get all the Christmas booty stowed away 😉

Pretty good week, all in all, given the disruption to routine the snow has caused. A few too many late nights, tho, which won’t be sustainable once the children are back at school and I actually have to haul myself out of bed in the morning. Still, I feel well set up for next week, and have got a good handle on what is manageable and what is not. The photography has been a big distraction this week, so I need to figure out if I want to incorporate it as part of the routine, or if it’s ‘extraneous kipple’ that needs to be sidelined.

The next couple of weeks will sort that one out …

And that was the week that was … now to look ahead to the next week’s worth of goals that’ll keep me on track for this year’s targets.


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