Rushes – 11th Jan



Went past in a blur!

Up at some unholy hour to take Honey to the stables – fortunately the forecast snowfall was a non-event, so we had happiness …. though it was curtailed because they only got a short day today due to the cold. Still, there’s always next week ….

Pottered through the morning, made chocolate mousse with Bella’s help for the evening and did some sundry washing and tidying up.

Excavated the infected carrots …. so depressing having to throw away so much of the crop, even though it was good to be out in the (very) fresh air doing some hard physical graft.

Measured up the loft, and spent the evening working out what we need in the way of storage shelving etc, and drooling over the IKEA catalogue.


The children went back to school today – I got up an hour early because I didn’t realise until I checked the school website that it was opening at 10 rather than 9, but it did make for a pretty relaxed morning routine … though I’m not prepared to do it every day Some interesting driving conditions and a far-too-exciting slide down an icy hill towards a junction this morning made the journey in stressful, and parking was treacherous – on the way back a couple of us helped push a stuck car out of the carpark.

The late start wiped out any chance of exercise today, but I’m hoping that tomorrow will be better as school starts at the normal time.

The phone was demented all day, so it was difficult to get settled to anything, but Bella and I had fun playing with trains and her new shopping set.

Posted Honey’s tudor costume to WR and the Magpies blog:
Started working through the Brain Alchemy workshop … brain in imminent danger of melting down. Blogged about it here …

Developed a work plan for getting the loft done …. and realised there’s a fair amount to do – I’m going to have to go some to get it done by the end of Feb.

And now I’m going to finish the day by reading through DWS’ blog posts before I completely flake out.


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