Rushes – 12th Jan


Dropped the kids off at school and did a session on the Wii Active … mindful of the fact that I need to have my heartrate between 130 & 150 to burn fat, I upped the difficulty to ‘hard’ and suffered for it, but my heart rate was well up there, so it’s all in a good cause. I weighed myself and was pleased that I’ve lost another 1lb since 31st December, despite being fairly slack on the diet front over Christmas and New Year, and that’s such a big incentive to keep going with it all, to say nothing of the buzz I get from exercise, and how much more energy I’ve got overall, how much less stressed I am, and how pleased I am that my clothes are fitting me better, and in some cases starting to be too big. With such tangible results, it’s easy to stay motivated.

My sister phoned – at a loose end because her youngest started nursery today, and chatted for well over half an hour about nothing in particular. I guess she was a feeling a bit odd, not having a little one to run after and didn’t know what to do with herself so I’m glad she called, but her timing sucked –  a) I needed a shower b) Bella had produced a nappy of epic vileness and c) actually I’m rather busy today as my toddler is at home AND I have a business to run. Note to self: must start screening calls, to avoid uncharitable thoughts towards family members

Ran errands – needed to stock up on fresh food – took longer than I’d hoped, since the road to the farm veg-shop was still too treacherous to attempt, the local was out of fruit and veg so I ended up needing to go in to the co-op … poor Bella was so good, so I caved to her demand for sweeties and let her have the packet of jelly tots she’d got clutched in her hot little hand. Did laundry, played tea-parties with Bella and Tanglewitch … Tanglewitch being a witch puppet on strings that get very tangled, even when she’s not doing anything.

As a result of all that, I ended up starting work later than planned on the SOA project, but at least it’s started. Setting the first few stitches was a bit daunting, even though I know what I want to do – there’s the vision of what I want to create, and the fear that it won’t be up to standard. Listened to audio on the marketing, and need to relisten, as I didn’t quite get it first time round – or, at least, didn’t quite get how I could apply it to my own situation. Did some research into colours and trends for s/s 2010.

Picked the children up from school, made paper airplanes with Rumpus (he got the Klutz book of paper airplanes for Christmas) and packed for Honey’s trip tomorrow … trying to face up to the fact that she’s going to be away for 2 nights/3 days, and I’m going to miss her horribly … there’ll be a Honey-shaped hole in my universe until she gets back. She was very sweet this evening, so I think she’s going to miss me, too, though heaven forbid she’d actually admit that.

This evening, fought the procrastination urge successfully and wrote another scene on SERE- now on 32/65 scenes overall, so I guess I’m officially halfway, and broke the 60k barrier! YAY! Good session, with the words fairly flying along, though it’s still dialogue-heavy. Beats and setting will have to be added later …. AFTER this baseline draft is down.

A good day … made even better because I found AN AFTERNOON OF THORNS – the short story I thought I’d lost. I remembered that I’d handwritten the first draft, so spent an age rummaging for the notebook, which I eventually found in the kitchen, under a pile of cookery books. Hoorah! I’ll get that typed up, make minor changes to it as I see fit as I go, and sling it out on submission next week. Luckily, I do still have the crits on it, so I can tweak the draft from those …. what a result!


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