Rushes – 13th Jan


Weather disruption! Woke up to another 5cm snow on the ground, and all the previous slush now turned to ice underneath. School was open, and AFAIK the school trip was going ahead, so I loaded the children into the car and slid our way to school – to find the school trip cancelled (Honey in tears) and very few other children. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have bothered setting out! Got stuck in the snow until a very nice man pushed the car out. Had a slide and nearly hit a big lorry. Got home and tried to turn the car round on the drive for the pickup, and got stuck. Exercise this morning was 45mins vigorous shovelling (with swearing) clearing enough ice to turn the car. Fortunately, pickup this afternoon was much less dramatic.

After that, the excitement died down. Did laundry, played with Bella a lot – she’s really into puzzles and ‘fishing’ games and making fuzzy-felt pictures at the moment, and is just such good fun, especially as her speech is really coming on and we have lots of lovely conversations and jokes.

I bought a batch of seville oranges from the farm shop a couple of weeks ago, and promptly threw them in the freezer when the snow came, because I knew I wouldn’t have time for them, but today I finally organised phase 1 of marmalade-making, using Delia Smith’s dark chunky marmalade recipe. I now have a vat of processed oranges, juice etc doing their overnight thing. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll fire it all up again and do the long, drawn-out process of adding the sugar and getting it to set. I *love* marmalade 🙂

After lunch, did more work on the SOA project, but it’s slow progress with a clingy Bella. Still, I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far, it’s shaping up the way I hoped it would.

After pickup, played Honey Bee Tree, Uno & Scrabble with the children. Honey very nearly beat me at scrabble … very put out that I redeemed myself with ‘Queen’ on a triple word right at the end to beat her by 2 points. Honour intact, though Honey is sulking.

No dance class again tonight due to weather, so wrote another scene on Sere. Don’t know why it’s such an effort to force myself to write it at the moment …  … the words are going down OK once I get to the page, but almost any distraction is more appealing than that novel at the moment. I guess it’s the mid-way doldrums ….

And there’s another day done.


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