Rushes – 14th Jan


Where is the week going? Far too quickly ….

It was raining this morning – hurrah! The snow is going! YAY! (I hate slush) (in more ways than one ). It made for a much less stressful morning all round – I can definitely do without white-knuckle rides when I’m dropping the children at school. The children are pleased, too – unthinkable after last week’s excitement, but Rumpus has decided he hates being cold (and still doesn’t grasp that if you throw yourself in the snow, you *are* going to get both cold AND wet), Honey has taken against it because it caused her school trip to be cancelled (she’s still upset about it today), and Bella hates both her snow-trousers AND the fact I’ve started carrying her about in the sling again because the buggy is impossible in the snow. So, normality beckons, at least weather-wise.

Did Wii Active after drop off, doing my best not to get annoyed with the patronising trainer-woman. I mean, I’m doing it, already? What’s her problem? If she keeps it up, I’m swapping her for the bloke. Played many and various games with Bella, supervised deliveries from wine-shop (very important) and bulk-stuff from supermarket, made lunch.

After lunch, demonstrated multi-tasking by combining sewing with listening to marketing workshop audio/making mind-map notes and entertaining Bella. Some days it is easier to just relax and go with the flow than others, though the days when I do are definitely better than the days when I get stressed about everything I “ought” to be doing and am just not finding time for.

Picked children up and pottered about, got phase 2 of marmalade under way … the house smelt of divine oranges all evening as they bubbled away happily on the back of the hob. I’d like to claim good judgement, but it was probably luck that at 3.5 hours, and just as it was Bella’s bedtime, that we hit setting point, so I could leave it to cool whilst I got her off to sleep. Decanted the marmalade into jars, but because when it comes to marmalade, I have the patience of a 2 year old I *had* to set some aside in a bowl in the fridge for immediate gratification.

Wrote another scene on SERE – a bit of a monster at 2875 words (turned out to be 2 scenes rather than 1), but it works well and finally it feels good to be writing it again – BIG set-up for the ending rollercoaster – YAY! Hopefully, this is a freshening wind to blow me out of the doldrums, rather than a teasing breeze

Am now scoffing tea and a sneaky piece of toast and marmalade.  YUMMMMMMMMMMM.


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