Shadow Shot Sunday – me & my shadow


I took this a week or so ago, before we had all the vile snow. I was taking some pictures of the frosty morning – the light was exceptional – and my shadow just caught my eye, falling across the driveway like that. The small pink highlight in the corner is my littlest, who just likes stomping frozen puddles 😉

You can find more shadows here:



6 Responses to “Shadow Shot Sunday – me & my shadow”

  1. 1 magicalmysticalteacher

    She stomps in puddles
    with her yellow Wellingtons
    and laughs gleefully.

    Shadow-Furrowed Stone

  2. I really like this photo. You are a commanding shadow right in the middle, and the little girl is a lovely splash of color to the left, also with a great shadow.. Beautiful, great job!

  3. Great shadow portrait! I like the cute little puddle stomper in the corner. That’s a cute touch!

  4. I love your long shadow – and your little puddle stomper is cute!!

  5. 5 Erin

    I love the puddle-stomper, but what really caught my eye was the texture of the photo, with the shadows lying diagonally across the driving tracks. Very nice!

  6. Ha! your so tall, girl? I guess this is the cutiest shots this w/end.

    Cold but your lil princess seems enjoying anyways.

    xoxo to you both!

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