Weekly Report card 2 – 10-17 Jan


Another week gone, and far too quickly for my liking! More snow disruption meant it was tricky to get out for exercise and shopping and such-like, but good progress overall:

1) Write up crit for Silver Griffin circle – not done, will catch it up tonight
2) 4 scenes on SERE – done
3) Read through the DSW blog series Erin recommended – done
4) Post to blog – done

Interesting week on the writing front, trying to set up a good routine and rhythm with everything. Project math dictates that I’m going to have to up the pace on SERE to get it finished by the end of Feb – with 34 of 65 scenes done, I’ve got 31 scenes left to write, and 7 weeks to do it, so that’s closer to 5 scenes per week than the 4 I’m currently gunning for, and I only got the 4 this week because I got Wednesday as an ‘extra’ (ballet class cancelled) and didn’t get to the Silver Griffin novel chapter critique. I need to work on the basis that I’ve got 5 nights of writing work in all – 2 nights off per week,  1 for ballet and Friday night for loafing about with t’o-m. That means that if I’m allocating 1 night for blogging and general catchups (like tonight) and another for crits, then that only leaves me 3 nights a week for working on SERE. On that basis, I think I need to work those 2 nights on more like nano-pace, i.e. 2 scenes per night rather than just one. I’m going to try that for next week, and see how it goes.

I read up the Dean Wesley Smith articles on ‘Killing the Sacred Cows in Publishing’, and there’s lots of food for thought in there. My initial reaction was very much ‘well, that’s easy for him to say, he’s got a ton of experience so knows what does/doesn’t work, and is well published, too’, though I wonder if a part of that reaction is because I’ve invested so much time in edits and rewrites over the years. I’m still mulling it over, and I think that I might adopt and write-and-send approach with short stories – if I’m happy with them immediately afterwards, I’ll sling them out into the world. If I’m not, I’ll hang onto them, try to figure where I went ‘wrong’ (or missed what I was trying to say) and redraft rather than edit. On the novels, I think I still need to go through the edit/rework process to make them work – I guess I’m still practicing on those.
Textile Arts
1) Work on SOA project – done – in progress
2) Post Honey’s tudor costume project to Wardrobe Refashion and Magpies blog – done
3) Planning/marketing strategy work in progress

I’ve been combining the work on the Surrey Open Art project with listening to the Psychotactics Brain Alchemy workshop. I’m making good (but slow) progress on the sewing, though I’m really pleased with what I’ve done so far – it’s looking *good*, and I had fun playing with smocking techniques to get the effect I wanted for the background, though I think I need to work on a smaller scale (again) to get it right. The psychotactics has kind of blown me away a bit, and I’m a bit stuck … part of the marketing message has to be to communicate what ‘problem’ my business solves, and to try to condense that done into something eye-catching – but I’m struggling with it a little bit, or at least struggling to tie up the commission side with the ‘pret-a-porter’ pieces I’ve been doing more recently, so I need to set some time aside to get that figured out. Potentially, I’m facing up to the idea that I’m going to need to revamp the website *again* once I’ve been through this course … one of those d’oh moments, but I guess it will be worth it in the end.

1) 4 x exercise sessions – 3/4 done – weather was against me
2) Dig out the infected carrot fly bed – done
3) Measure up the loft and get it down on a scale plan – done, and more – the planning is all done, and work has started
4) Pack for Honey’s school trip – done, even though it was cancelled on the day due to snow

Not a bad week on the personal side – a lot of it focussed on trying to get the house and the routine back to some sort of normal – slightly belatedly due to the holiday extension forced by last week’s snow. Struggled to find time for exercise, particularly as my ballet classes were cancelled by the bad weather, and running was out of the question with all that snow on the ground! The Wii Active saved me from total failure, but I’m mighty glad that the snow is all gone and I can get a good week in next week. Work has started on the Loft Project – I got it all planned out last weekend, and this weekend I’ve done a huge clearout, cleaned it all up ready for painting and have dismantled all the furniture that we’re going to get rid of. I’m going to hold off ordering the new stuff until the painting is done – I don’t want to end up having to move stuff around to get the paint on the walls. I’ll be calling the charity shops tomorrow to come and get it, and then hopefully the decks will be clear for painting next weekend.

All in all, not a bad week, though I need to have a think about how to manage staying on track with SERE and getting to the other writerly things I want to do, otherwise Feb is going to turn into a mini-Nano to get it finished.


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