Rushes – 18th Jan


Did a run straight after drop-off – the canal was still frozen, but none of the nasty white stuff to slow me up. It was good to be back out in the fresh air and feel like I was getting a proper work out.

Pottered through the morning playing with Bella, called the charity shop – they come next week to take away the furniture. Booked with my mum to go down to Devon for the first few days of half-term.

Worked on the SOA project – an extraordinary amount of time has yielded really very little in terms of completed smocking. Sigh. Looks good, though

North American smocking – lattice pattern on an irregular grid – onto green silk

North American smocking – variation on flower pattern with decorative thread showing on the surface. The fabric is much thicker than I’d normally use, but I liked the colours and texture, and don’t want the result too even since it’s a background piece that’ll represent natural forms. I’ll be posting more about the project over on my Magpies Laundry blog in the next couple of days.

Nice time with the children this evening – read with Rumpus, and hammered out an agreement with Honey over stable-time, chores and bonuses which hopefully will work for us both. I’m enjoying the time with them in the afternoons, since they both spontaneously decided they don’t want to do as much this term by way of after-school clubs. Makes for much less stress and tiredness (all round).

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Wrote 2 scenes on SERE – 36/65 scenes completed, now up to 67312 words. It flowed so well this evening … I’m so glad it’s finally fun to be sitting here and making up story again.


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