Rushes – 21st Jan


How can we be so far into January already? Yikes!


Wii Active after drop-off darn near killed me – the sequence of the end of squat holds, followed in quick succession by lunges, jump lunges and squats with calf-raises was just about the most painful thing I’ve ever had to endure. If I end up with thighs like Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m not going to be happy. Still, I dropped another 1lb this week, so I’m not complaining.

Caught up with the laundry – for a moment, anyway. Today I have another 2 loads waiting to be put away, 1 in the machine, 1 in the dryer AND STILL a full washbasket. How is that possible, I ask myself? No fair!

Did some more work on the SOA project, manipulating fabric to get textural variations to represent foliage … today I was working with tucks – cross tucks with snip fringing are looking pretty effective, though I had a small disaster with some experimental tapered tucks when I tried to taper tucks from both ends. It worked OK until I decided to snip-fringe them. BAD IDEA. 

Dance class in the evening, and let myself get roped into the contemporary dance number for a show in May. Yikes! Just ever so slightly petrified ….

Day of chores! Booked babysitter for friend’s 40th, booked swimming lessons for half-term, bought paint &etc for the loft, visited the fish-van-man to get the doings for a fish-pie for dinner this evening. Tried to call the gallery and constantly got their answer phone – left a message but no callback, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

More sewing – made yo-yo’s and ruffles, and started attaching finished pieces to the background. It’s so exciting seeing it starting to come together! The work on all the individual elements making up the background are finished now, so once I’ve got them attached, I just need to do a little surface embroidery detailing to finish off, and then I can start on the foreground element on the second screen. I’m pleased with how it’s turning out, especially after yesterday’s doom and gloom.

Picked up a rejection from Nossa Morte for ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, resubbed it to Dark Discoveries. This evening wrote up ‘An Afternoon of Thorns’ from the original draft plus some reworking, spell-checked it and subbed it to Pedestal. Job done, DWS style


One Response to “Rushes – 21st Jan”

  1. 1 Erin

    I think having three kids might have something to do with the full wash basket.

    Good luck with the subs.

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