Rushes – 23 Jan


Wanted to do a run after drop-off, but a nappy from Bella and the rain put me off – instead I did the Wii active, which is almost as good, though this session was more strength/resistance than CV, though of course building up muscle is just as important in terms of keeping the weight off, and I can definitely feel the difference in terms of both muscle tone in my arms and legs, and even more so in my core – which is fantastic for dance, too, since *everything* in dance comes from a strong core. Bit of a rusharound day with lots of chores – laundry, kitchen cleandown, bin bleachout, farm shop – but somehow managed to get through them all AND found time for fun playing with Bella. Spent the afternoon making nappies for Bella out of old towels – so very simple, and particularly satisfying because the towels cost approx £1 each from the charity shop and make 3-4 nappies – the same nappies that cost £8-odd if bought new from cloth nappy suppliers. Took the children to tea with friends, got home late and spent the evening on the sofa with t’o-m, sewing background pieces onto the frame for the SOA project – it *is* my evening off, after all.

Spent most of the day doing tedious painting in the loft – mostly I was doing the ‘cutting in’ around the angles and corners, and there are so very many of them up there. I haven’t even managed to get around half the room yet, but am hoping for more time at it tomorrow. It was quite nice that Bella came up to keep me company, and I brought up Honey’s old Barbie castle and Bella quite happily played with that and the Barbies and we chatted on together. She was funny today – refused point-blank to get dressed and spent the day in her jammies! A flurry of activity – offloaded junk to charity shop, went to library, took Honey riding, went to veg-farmshop. Sold a book on Amazon that I listed so long ago that I’d forgotten I’d listed it, but not complaining about that! The only down side is that the Post Office was closed by the time I got there, but I’ll post it Monday morning and it should be all fine. Wrote up crit for Manic Medley and posted it. Finished reading ‘Kingdom Come’ by J G Ballard – great read, even if very unsettling. Review to follow ….

Busy pair of days – just for a change – but feeling a real buzz about what I do!


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