Weekly Report Card: Week 3, 17-23 Jan 2010


1) Write up crit for Silver Griffin circle – done
2) Write up crit for Manic Medley – done
3) 4 scenes on SERE – 3 done, but with plot-card reorganisation to make the run-in easier
4) Rewrite ‘An Afternoon of Thorns’ and sub – done
5) Post to blog – done

Textile Arts
1) Work on SOA project – done, background almost complete, just a little embroidery to finish
2) Phone galleries – 1 of 2 done, will phone the other one again next week. I did actually phone the other but kept hitting the answer machine …
3) Planning/marketing strategy work –kind of stalled on this, will get back to it next week once my brain has unfused slightly and I’m properly over my mid-week pity party.
4) Magpies Laundry blog post – done

1) 4 x exercise sessions – 5 sessions
2) Clear out loft and clean up, prep for painting (weekend work) – done, and painting started
3) Arrange for unwanted furniture to go away – done
4) Book babysitter to cover for friend’s 40th – done
5) Organise for half-term – done


  • read Kingdom Come by J G Ballard. OMG, the man is a supreme storyteller. Unsettling, but glorious.
  • made up some new nappies for Bella

All in all, a damn good week. I could use more like this! The mid-week gloom was hard to take, but I was pleased that I was able to acknowledge it, address it, and come right out of it. A year ago, a day like that would have sent me into a black hole for weeks – yet here I am at the end of the week, feeling great because I have done almost all of the things I wanted to get done this week. YAY!


One Response to “Weekly Report Card: Week 3, 17-23 Jan 2010”

  1. 1 Erin

    Hooray on climbing out of the mid-week gloom and all the progress you’ve made in the last year to get you there! That’s terrific!

    I’ll have to add Ballard to my TBR list. (There are days I feel that the list is so long I might just randomly grab a book off a shelf in the library because the odds are it’s on there somewhere.)

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