Rushes – 24th Jan


T’o-m cooked up a breakfast storm – yay! – so a good, if cholesterol-heavy, start to the day. Took Honey to the stables (turning a blind eye to the bedroom mess).

Continued painting mission – Rumpus and Bella kept me company for a while, watching a DVD on the old telly and chatting on while I painted, then disappeared into the garden. Heartily sick of painting, but all the cutting-in is done, so I can get the roller out next weekend – covering vast swathes of wall is somehow more satisfying than all the fiddling about around the edges. Now have low-level headache – not sure if it’s all those voc’s or a blood-sugar reaction to not eating anything between breakfast and dinner.

Got the rehearsal schedule through for the contemporary dance piece … looks like it’s going to take a chunk of time out of my weekends, so we’ll have to see how that goes. If it gets too much, I’ll drop out – it’s simply not worth killing myself over, and definitely comes under the heading of ‘extraneous kipple’. That said, it is a good incentive to carry on with the weight-loss/exercise programme, because let’s face it, I don’t want to look like a total blimp on stage đŸ˜‰

Wrote up the review of Kingdom Come and posted it, and wrote another post which I’m too tired to review now, so I’ll tidy it up and post that later.

Two extras added to the diary for the week – mum & dad are pit-stopping here on their way to/from a funeral tomorrow, and my sister is coming up on Wednesday to collect the Christmas presents she left behind (too big to manage on the train) that m&d will bring tomorrow. Does it need to be this complicated? I’m glad she’s coming this week, though – we’re already under enough upheaval with the loft in progress without becoming a long-term temporary storage facility for other people’s stuff.


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