Rushes – 25th Jan


This week is suddenly looking scarily hectic with social commitments crowding my calendar out. I now have engagements every day except Friday, and can see I’m going to struggle to tick off my list.

Rubbish sleep last night – took me ages to get to sleep & then lots of odd dreams (the ones where you don’t realise you’re asleep until you wake up), still headache this morning but paracetamol killed it off. Came downstairs to a disaster – Bella objected (violently) to her dining-chair booster seat yesterday, so I removed it an put it on the floor. This morning, one of the cats had peed in it. What’s that all about? Litter tray not good enough for them? GAH! At school, Rumpus’ teacher had a word about his lack of ability to concentrate and ongoing need for almost-constant one-2-one learning support which is “not good enough” at his age – but failed to offer anything in the way of a solution so I’m left rather hanging – he’s perfectly capable of concentrating on the things he wants to do (like Mario Karts & football & tennis) but he’s never been able to retain information he’s not interested in. Not sure what to do about that, apart from tell him to concentrate, which is probably futile. Came home to find Bryan (the cat) dismembering one of next door’s racing pigeons on the kitchen floor. I mean, what is it? Felt like the knight in Monty Python having his limbs chopped off but still fighting on.

Went for a run after drop-off and really pushed myself – felt good afterwards if slightly jelly-legged. Totally disappointing to find that after last week’s efforts I’ve gained 2lbs – how is that fair? I guess I’ll need to get tighter on the diet front and cut back my carbs again to try and get the weight shifting in the right direction.

Had just about got the kitchen approaching respectable when my parents arrived 1 hour early, scuppering my attempts to be organised for them … still, managed to get the beetroot soup & bread done in time, and performed successful dog-sit whilst they were at the funeral – the children were enchanted and we all enjoyed a good yomp through the muddy woods after school.

Started work on the spring accessories – sorted out fabrics, did some stiffening, and started sewing. Should go fairly quickly, as I’m only doing a limited run …

Splendid session on SERE this evening – 3416 words, and two scenes down, nicely poised for a big fight in the next one, as something to look forward to tomorrow night. Mathematical juggling – scrapped one scene, incorporating it into another, but realised I need to insert a scene earlier – got around it by typing “insert scene where L does this” in the relevant space. At the end of the day, 41/65 planned scenes completed and the story is flowing nicely.


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