Rushes – 26th Jan



Coffee at a friend’s straight from drop-off to give another friend her 40th birthday present – it’s this weekend and she’s away to Edinburgh to celebrate, so we got her a shopping voucher for Harvey Nicks. (envy). (yes, even with my wardrobe refashion pledge 😉 ). Had a happy moment because I got told off for wearing a pair of trousers that are massively too big for me now … I guess the weight loss is noticeable!! Actually, it’s not just the weight loss, but the fact that my posture and muscle tone are a zillion times better.

Stopped at post office to ship the book on the way to Toddler Group – had fun there with Bella – such a busy girl, play doh-ing, reading stories with me, playing with cars and dolls-houses and cookery sets … she was very tired when we got home.

Home, lunch, sewing … 3 pieces completed now. Spoke to gallery – they’ve had a deathly Christmas and are still slow, so don’t want anything else right now. I’ll go in and see them when I’m down for half-term to get more detailed feedback and see about swapping things up for Easter. Listened to marketing audio whilst doing the sewing …

Ballet this evening – class was jam-packed but really good – it’s always over far too quickly.

Rumpus had a bad bedtime – floods of hysterical tears because a) he doesn’t want to die when he’s a kid b) he doesn’t want me to die *ever* c) his friend is leaving because his friend’s dad has been posted to NI d) Jesus is dead and why did the pirates kill him e) there’s a werewolf in his wardrobe and f) his cuddle-dog has a hole in its tail. I suppose if you’re going to have a crisis, you might as well get them all out of the way in one go. Poor baby.  I’m wondering if all this has anything to do with his problems at school ….

Exhausted after all that, so calling it a night early, but still on track as I managed to nail the fight scene, so another 1 down on SERE – 42/65 done … and should get another 2 done on Thursday.

Phew! Need a lie down now … another busy day in prospect tomorrow. (Is it ever not busy, I wonder?)


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