Rushes – 28th Jan



Wii Fit after drop off – series of killer exercises for thighs made me wish I’d gone for a run instead. As the sadist-woman says “my body will thank me for it”. It’d better, is all I can say.

Visit from sister – nice time, though brief … we’re so different that it’s like chalk and cheese, and sometimes we brush each other up the wrong way. Not today though – good relaxing time and chats and things, and the bonus of clearing out another pile of “stuff” from the house (Christmas presents we were storing for her).

Another couple of pieces done for the gallery … lots of fiddling about to get the look right, but worthwhile.

Another bad night for Rumpus. He *is* tired. Why won’t he sleep? Am contemplating medi-sed-ing him next week.

Good dance class, but hard work. Ballet is supposed to hurt, right? Got home and loafed in front of the telly with t’o-m and grabbed an early night.

Odd day today – on and off stressed, tearful, headachey & nauseous has made me feel pretty unsettled. I’m thinking a part of it is all the socialising this week – not enough time at home detaches me from my comfort zone and I’m not coping with that very well, plus of course the associated slide in normal tasks and routines are just not good for me – I know I can’t do everything, and I can’t maintain all the domestic stuff, but it does grate on me to feel that home is in chaos.

Went for coffee at a friend’s this morning – nice times, and got to see pictures of the cottage they’re renovating. She’s got major frustration with the planning people – she wants to preserve as much of the original features as possible, but building regs are forcing her to take out antique doors, clad old beams in steel (and then cover those in reclaimed timber) and rip out original quarry tiles. Big work, glad it’s not me!

Went to the farm-shop, then took Bella to play in the park – good fun, but fu-fu-fu-fu-reeeeezing!

More work for the gallery this afternoon – another 2 pieces down – 2 more to go.

More freezing at Rumpus’ tennis class – with Bella asleep in the buggy under a big blanket, lucky girl. Started reading the first book – Shaman’s Crossing – in Robin Hobbs Soldier Son trilogy. Immediately engaging, and I’m looking forward to a good read.

Despite the wobbles, a good session on SERE tonight – wrote 2 scenes, and scrapped a 3rd. That’s 5 written and 2 scrapped for the week, so now at 44/62. Nicely set up for everything to go horribly pear-shaped for just about everyone in the next few scenes. I love it when the people who think they’re in control lose it

So glad the weekend is in sight.


One Response to “Rushes – 28th Jan”

  1. 1 Erin

    Hmm. Maybe I shall not be taking reading suggestions from you. šŸ˜‰ I could not force myself to finish even the first chapter of Shaman’s Crossing; it did not grab me at all.

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