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Rumpus down with a stinking cold, so off school today. Dropped Honey off, came home and did 40 mins on the Wii Active instead of my usual run. Lost 2lbs in the last week – yay! Ah well, it was snowing so running would have been no fun. Luckily, the snow isn’t settling and it’s […]

Felt a bit shaky when I got up this morning – too much red wine at the party last night coupled with too little sleep – totally self-inflicted, so serves me right. A good full-english breakfast and a half-gallon of coffee sorted that right out. Rotated the laundry, did Rumpus’ homework with him, painfully aware […]

Goals, week 6


A short week this week as we hit the half-term break – school finishes Thursday and we drive to Devon on Thursday night for a long weekend. (Snow permitting – more of the dratted stuff forecast). Writing 1) 5 scenes on SERE (mon/tues) Textile art 1) FINISH the Anthriscus embroidery 2) update Magpies blog 3) […]

It’s been a busy week …. a lot of things went right, but Friday just seemed to bring down the whole week. So this feels like a useful exercise to remind myself of all the things I *did* get done, even on a short week. Writing 1) catchup on blog posts (Tues) –done 2) 4 scenes […]

So, I had my day all planned out. I was going to get up, go for a run, get home, shower, sort the house out, go for lunch with my friends, come home & sew, have children round to play after school, then write once they’d gone to bed. Sometimes, RL sets you up just […]

I guess I need to do a bit of a catchup … this week is running away from me! Tuesday: Dropped off children (with rocket for Honey who forgot her homework – particularly frustrating, as I’d installed a printer on her notepad, printed the thing off, put it in her homework folder, handed it to […]

Nevare Burvell anticipates a golden future. He will follow his father into the Gernian army; to the frontier and thence to an advantageous marriage. Sometimes you feel sorry for people in novels with apparently golden futures – it never seems to work out that way for them, at least not in the way they expect. […]

The cabbages in my garden are overwintering very nicely … it’s fabulous having all this vivid greens like jewels against the dark earth, especially when it’s so grim and gloomy everywhere. More takes on the letter ‘C’ at ABC Wednesday

Goals, week 5


Robin Hobb ate my life last weekend …. trilogy finished, I’m facing up to reality again! This week: Writing 1) catchup on blog posts (Tues) 2) 4 scenes on SERE (Thurs/Fri) Textile art 1) Finish background on the ‘Anthriscus’ piece 2) Magpies blog update 3) phone gallery on Friday to make appointment 4) work through […]

January Review


So January shot past in less than the blink of an eye … scarily too fast! It’s been a heavy month, trying to re-establish a routine after the long break on everything through December for me and for the children. I only just feel that I’m starting to get the house back on an even […]