Weekly Report Card: Week 4 24-30 Jan 2010


Posting this a little late, and it’s all Robin Hobb’s fault! (or perhaps my fault, because I get sick if I can’t finish up a darned good read, and so everything got abandoned until the Soldier Son trilogy was done).

1) 5 scenes on SERE (Mon/Tues/Thurs) – done
2) Post review of ‘Kingdom Come’ to blog (Sun) – done
3) Short story exercise from Erin’s blog prompt (Sat) (just because it’s really caught my imagination) – not done … I was reading. It’ll get carried over into the week after this one.

Textile Arts
1) Work on SOA project – nothing done on this, because I spent all week working on the spring accessories
2) Phone Otterton Mill gallery – done
3) Planning/marketing strategy work – nothing on this – too focussed on the complexities of making up accessories
4) Magpies Laundry blog post – not done, carried forward
5) Make up some spring accessories for local gallery – done

1) 4 x exercise sessions – managed 5 sessions – 2 x runs, 1 x Wii Fit (resistance), 2 x ballet classes
2) Loft painting (weekend work) – in progress – now have a first coat complete
3) Finances & paperwork catchup (sigh) – not done. I so hate this stuff. Carried forward to this week.

It was a hectic week, with a lot of social engagements that took me well out of my comfort zone, and out of the house as well – it significantly reduced the amount of time I had for working on the textile pieces and that side really suffered. Spending the weekend face down in a book didn’t help much, either. I’m hoping for a settled week ahead to try and get stabilised again.


2 Responses to “Weekly Report Card: Week 4 24-30 Jan 2010”

  1. 1 Erin

    Glad the writing prompt caught your imagination!

    Looks like a very busy week. I can see why some of those things didn’t get done.

  2. To his replacement after being sacked as architect of the Sydney Opera House: You’re a brave man, but I don’t think you can do it.

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