Rushes – 4th Feb


I guess I need to do a bit of a catchup … this week is running away from me!


Dropped off children (with rocket for Honey who forgot her homework – particularly frustrating, as I’d installed a printer on her notepad, printed the thing off, put it in her homework folder, handed it to her and asked her to put it straight into her book bag. I wonder if she does it on purpose?), paid school dinners up to half-term.

Came home, tidied, cleaned kitchen, made bread, bought card for friend’s birthday, went to Toddler Group with Bella.

Worked on the background of the Anthriscus piece – it’s embroidery from here on in – my favourite

Picked up children, spent an hour with Honey doing mind-mapping for a story she has to write. She has a splendid imagination, and I think she enjoyed the process as much as I did – they had a specific situation at the centre of the story, and it was fascinating watching her populate the story around it with character, setting and plot details). Rumpus and Bella exploded playmobil all over the playroom. I’m *not* picking it up.

Went to ballet … it was good until the end, when I managed to completely lose the plot and forgot left from right doing petit-jetes. My bad.

Spent the evening catching up blog posts and sorting out goals for my reduced week & etc. Posted to Magpies Laundry blog, wrote the review for the Soldier Son trilogy.

Busy day!

 40 mins on Wii Active after drop-off – it hurt!!! Laundry away, bedrooms tidied. Played playmobil with Bella and a funny sneezing game.

Made a good chunk of embroidery on the Anthriscus piece.

Rumpus at a friend’s house after school so just me and the girls … spent ages sitting with them just watching photos on a slideshow on the laptop … Bella just didn’t get tired of it and loved pointing out all the family members she recognised.

Ballet class … a good week this week, although one of the other dancers turned funny – all we heard was a loud popping noise. It didn’t sound good, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she hasn’t done herself some serious damage.

Caught an early night.

Despite sleep being closer to deep oblivion, felt exhausted all day today. I really couldn’t get going today, and if Honey hadn’t woken me at 7 to tell me she was ready and could she watch TV until breakfast (I said yes), we’d have been horribly late for school.

Did morning jobs, downloaded all the bank statements, and did all the analysis on the final quarter. Conclusion: we spend too much money. Not sure how to solve it without making some significant cuts, or telling t’o-m he needs a pay-rise 🙂 The whole business is thoroughly depressing and utterly soul-destroying. Went to the farm-shop for the weekly meat shop, came home, did painting with Bella and jigsaw puzzles. Made the worst cheese sauce I’ve *ever* made in my life.

More sewing, and worked through another couple of sessions on the Brain Alchemy course. I’m really in two minds on this – whether to complete the course, or start to put some of it into practice. I think I’m going to plough on through it, because I’m not going to have time to work on the practical until after the end of this month – getting the Anthriscus piece finished in time for the 26th Feb deadline is the priority right now.

Sat in the freezing cold watching Rumpus play tennis, and setting up the 2010 budget/finances spreadsheets on the laptop. Picked up Honey from dance class … poor darling had hurt her ankle and could barely walk, she was absolutely in little teary pieces. I might take her to the doctor’s for a checkup, because she keeps turning that ankle. I did suspect it was a sports-malingering thing, but she did seem to be in actual pain today, so it might be worth getting it checked out.

T’o-m working late, so single-parented the children into bed. Checked out holiday cottages for my once-a-year weekend escape with my VGGFs. Can’t wait!

Wrote like a woman possessed, cracking through 3 scenes (3221 words) on SERE, only 1 of which stuck to the outline on my plot cards … but they work. All hell’s about to break loose – just the way I like it


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