Rushes – 5th Feb


So, I had my day all planned out. I was going to get up, go for a run, get home, shower, sort the house out, go for lunch with my friends, come home & sew, have children round to play after school, then write once they’d gone to bed.

Sometimes, RL sets you up just so it can have a jolly good laugh, I swear.

Woke up late, after Rumpus-related sleep disruption. In the mad panic of getting ready for school, failed to find Rumpus’ shin-pads for football. Did notice Honey hopping around and crying a lot.

She’d fallen over and hurt her ankle yesterday lunchtime. Goodbye, planned morning. Hello, trauma.

But before we could get to the A&E department, I needed to take Rumpus to school.

Trauma part II. His teacher collared me, and told me that he was becoming ‘severely disruptive’ and not achieving what he ought to be for a child with his intelligence, and that when he ‘zoned out’ he was unreachable. I have to take him for assessment – she’s throwing Aspergers+Dyslexia with a side of ADD at me. OMFG. Poor Rumpus. I was almost in tears, and just feel so devastated for him. I’m hoping I can see the doctor for the initial ‘get a referral’ thing without Rumpus, because I *really* don’t want the poor lambie labelling himself with the “I am/have a problem” tag before it’s absolutely necessary. Trying to sift through what it’ll mean for us all is just beyond me at the moment – I think I’m in shock. I’m angry, too, that his teacher has shifted everything onto me. When I asked her if there’s anything I can do to help him, she said no. He needs professional support, but without a statement of special needs, there’s nothing the school can do for him.

And with that lot ringing around my poor brain, I had to take Honey to the A&E. After 3 hours and a couple of x-rays, Honey was discharged with pain killers and support bandages – sprained ankle.

No run.

At least my day got better from there on in. Met friends for lunch afterwards – fantastic freebie at a local restaurant (apparently there *is* such a thing as a free lunch). A couple of valuable customer service lessons today. The restaurant was the first – I’d never been there before, but after today’s lunch I’d definitely go back again. Fabulous food, great service, and nothing to pay except the drinks? Marvellous! It’s The Inn at Maybury. The second one was from a bookseller I’ve used on ebay before. Specialising in sets & collections, I saw 2 lots of children’s books I wanted. I emailed to see if she’d accept a reduced offer for the two sets – and she replied with an offer for the two LOWER than what I’d said I was willing to pay because she ‘valued regular customers’. Another place I’ll definitely be going back to. Obviously, exceeding customer expectations is a good tactic.

It ran on.

The sewing disappeared, so I haven’t finished the background.

Children had friends to play after school – all good (if noisy) fun.

Unexpected bonus: one of the mums has a child at a different (private) school. She’s invited me to take a stall at their summer fair … fantastic! It’s a good opportunity to hit my target market at little cost to myself other than my time – no table fee, just 10% of my takings. Now I need to plan how much stock I need to take with me, and make sure I’m ready in time. End of May deadline.

Fabtastic writing session to wrap-up the day – another couple of scenes cleared & +3028 words to take me to 82286 in total. The end is in sight at 50/63 – 13 scenes remaining. Woot! It’s fun on the rollercoaster down to the end

It’s never all bad, but I do wish life would give me an easy ride from time-to-time.


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  1. Busy day. Sounds like me.

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