Report Card: Week 5, Jan 31 – Feb 6


It’s been a busy week …. a lot of things went right, but Friday just seemed to bring down the whole week. So this feels like a useful exercise to remind myself of all the things I *did* get done, even on a short week.

1) catchup on blog posts (Tues) –done
2) 4 scenes on SERE (Thurs/Fri) –5 scenes completed

Textile art
1) Finish background on the ‘Anthriscus’ piece – not done, but pretty close to completion now, as I managed to get some work in on it this afternoon (in lieu of loft-painting).
2) Magpies blog update – done
3) phone gallery on Friday to make appointment – done, and spring/summer pieces dropped off on Saturday. They’ve asked for another large tote, as well
4) work through another section of Brain Alchemy – worked through half of one section – not enough, really

1) School paperwork – done, but more came home on Friday
2) Finances – DONE! YAY! Just need to finalise some of the budget stuff with t’o-m.
3) 5 x exercise sessions – 4 completed, missed Friday’s run due to the morning’s trauma
4) lunch with friends on Friday – done!
5) 40th birthday party on Saturday night – done – and a riotous time was had by all, crawled into bed at 2am, feeling a bit bleary today
6) More loft painting. sigh. – got a second coat of cutting in done Saturday, but nothing today, unsurprisingly

It’s difficult to focus on the good stuff with the worry over Rumpus preying on my mind. It’s rubbish that I’ve had the whole weekend to stew on it, without being able to take any sort of concrete action to start resolving the situation, but hopefully tomorrow I can actually get to take some action to move things in the right direction and get him the support he needs.


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