Rushes – 7th Feb


Felt a bit shaky when I got up this morning – too much red wine at the party last night coupled with too little sleep – totally self-inflicted, so serves me right. A good full-english breakfast and a half-gallon of coffee sorted that right out.

Rotated the laundry, did Rumpus’ homework with him, painfully aware of how much he struggled with it (handwriting) – focus all over the place.

Went to the first rehearsal of the contemporary dance piece. For the next rehearsal I’ll be getting an early night the night before but it went OK, though I’m not sure if my body or my brain hurt more afterwards.

Loafed through the afternoon, did some more embroidery on the Anthriscus piece.

Updated goals and blogs etc for the week.

Posted to Magpies’ blog – the Anthriscus piece so far:

Wrote up another couple of posts for the latest batch of accessories and scheduled them to go out over the next week or so – ahead of the game on that, for once!

Did embroidery on and off whilst I was waiting for pictures to upload.

And there’s Sunday gone!

It didn’t feel as busy as it looks ….


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