Rushes – 8th Jan


Rumpus down with a stinking cold, so off school today.

Dropped Honey off, came home and did 40 mins on the Wii Active instead of my usual run. Lost 2lbs in the last week – yay!

Ah well, it was snowing so running would have been no fun. Luckily, the snow isn’t settling and it’s forecast to go away.

Booked tickets for A Marja!, then realised I need to re-arrange a hair-appointment that clashes.

Booked appointment with GP for Rumpus tomorrow afternoon. Tried to make appointment with SENCO – was told she would call me back, but she didn’t. Will try again tomorrow.

Filled in form for the craft fair. Heard back that regular exhibitors get priority, but I’m top of the list if they have space but the organiser seemed to think I’d be fine. Now I need to work out what I need to take with me, and how long it’s going to take to produce it all, and how to fit all that in with the regular work. What have I done to myself?!

More embroidery on Anthriscus – it’s starting to feel as though it’ll *never* be finished.

Feeling a bit stressed and under pressure with everything at the moment – I think it’s partly just tiredness from the over-indulgent weekend.

Fun session on SERE tonight – all hell is let loose, now it’s just chaos & fighting to the end – YAY! 3082 words/3 scenes. Less than 10 scenes to go! WOOT! The race in to the end is the most fun part of writing …. especially when it’s rocking along like it is at the moment.


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