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I booked a ticket for Paris. I started on the journey. It was fun, and exciting, and I was looking forward to getting to Paris and enjoying myself when I got there. Imagine my surprise when *that* journey ended today with the announcement ‘Welcome to Copenhagen’. eh? OK, I’ll translate. I’m not, of course, talking […]

Ever since I read Peter Brett’s ‘Warded Man’, I’ve been waiting for the next book  – ‘Desert Spear’. I’ve had it on pre-order on Amazon since I don’t know when, and was devastated when the release date was put back from October last year. But at last! An email from Amazon to say it has […]

Last week I printed off the whole 500 pages of the Anneth manuscript, ready to start in on the edit marathon that will be Holly Lisle’s “How to Revise Your Novel” (HTRYN) course. I did the How To Think Sideways course last year, and learned so much from it, that it seemed a no-brainer to […]

Hurry up! We’re almost out of time Days and nights fly by Ages bloom and fade like flowers We have to scramble for our chances We’re too poor to be late — And so I rushed to save every minute While squandering away hours To anyone who wanted them. And when the frantic race was […]

For this round, images from Otterton Church (nr Budleigh Salterton in East Devon). Perhaps not the most cheerful subject, but it was a lovely sunny day … So, G is for graves …. And gate …. (that Yew must be centuries old …) And glass … And gable … For other takes on the letter […]

Goosey Goosey


The children had a day off school today – and for once we had glorious sunshine, so we went to Birdworld. Not that I have a thing about reflections or anything, but I loved this picture of the chatty geese.

February Review


Another month down, and it’s gone far too quickly, even taking into account the short-change on the days. Writing: 1) Finish SERE first draft by the end of Feb – *almost* done – within 2 scenes of finishing … 8) Complete and post 3 crits per month for Silver Griffin/Manic Medley – didn’t happen for […]