ABC Wednesday: G is for …. Graveyard


For this round, images from Otterton Church (nr Budleigh Salterton in East Devon).

Perhaps not the most cheerful subject, but it was a lovely sunny day …

So, G is for graves ….

And gate ….

(that Yew must be centuries old …)

And glass …

And gable …

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12 Responses to “ABC Wednesday: G is for …. Graveyard”

  1. 1 Erin

    G isn’t for more geese?

    Lovely pictures!

    • Thanks! I was tempted to Go for Geese aGain, but thought 2 days running was pushing it 🙂

  2. I hadn’t thought of graveyards! I could spend all day poking around graveyards and old churches. I love the feeling of the past they have. Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks … I enjoy the feeling of connection with the past, too – I always try to search out the oldest grave, but in this one the sea-breezes have scoured everything off pre-1840.

  3. I have always loved wandering through graveyards. The age, the inscriptions, the quiet. Wonderful places.

  4. 6 kate

    You made some good choices for “G.” Cemeteries are such peaceful places, aren’t they?

  5. 7 Kim

    Oh wow that is so amazing choice of G. Thanks for sharing!

    G is for Gold

  6. Excellent pictures. The yew tree is impressive, too!

  7. 9 LisaF

    I love to wander around in old graveyards looking at history. I think it’s fascinating and often wonder about the oldest headstones. What were they like, how did they live, etc. The church window pic has so much character!

  8. Very nice view of the graveyard.

  9. I LOVE old cemeteries! Such history.

  10. Lovely pictures!:-)

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