And so it begins


Last week I printed off the whole 500 pages of the Anneth manuscript, ready to start in on the edit marathon that will be Holly Lisle’s “How to Revise Your Novel” (HTRYN) course. I did the How To Think Sideways course last year, and learned so much from it, that it seemed a no-brainer to sign up for this next course and try to fix what is a badly broken story, even after a couple of rewrites and several edit passes. I love the way Holly teaches – it’s accessible, logical and easy to follow, and pretty much fits with the way I work on my writing, so I’m looking forward to going through this next course and working on my weaker side – the editing.

I’m never happy with a story, so I’m hoping that once I’ve been through the course, I’ll be able to pinpoint what doesn’t work and why, and be able to fix it.

Still, a pile of 500 pages is a pretty daunting thing to look at … but once I got into it, I found that it was pretty easy to get into that critical state of mind where just picking out the broken bits came quite easily after a few chapters of easing into it. What pleased me was that a lot of it was much, much better than I remember it being, so at this point I’m thinking that a fair bit will be able to stay as is, more or less untouched.

And picking out all those broken bits started me off on the ideas mill, and a whole bunch of exciting new shiny stuff came pouring out …. and this is where it’s probably a good thing that I’ve got Holly telling me what to do, because at this point I’d probably go haring off and stuff all those shiny new ideas into the story.

But no. I’ve jotted them down, but they’ll have to stay as little wispy, ephemeral beings for now, because on lesson 2 I have to ….



This is starting to look not-fun and hard-work, and I’ve had to revise my targets for the year to make space to do the job properly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing … trying to get to a point where I can develop a realistic writing schedule is one of my main aims, and although I was substantially less ambitious this year than last, obviously I was still pushing it a bit.

Still, I think this story is worth fixing, and I think this course is worth doing, so that means knuckling down and getting on with it, right?


So – lesson 2, pass 2, here we come!


3 Responses to “And so it begins”

  1. 1 dawn

    I’ve read lesson one, but haven’t done it yet. After my short story deadlines pass, I’ll be getting back into the lessons and the revision.. but yes it’s scary to think how many times we’ll need to go through the manuscript.. eeep!

  2. Yes, it’s worth going through it again. 🙂 It’s a good story, LC. Don’t doubt that.

    • Thanks … always good to get a vote of confidence 🙂 … just dealing with the harsh realisation that it needs to step up a level or two if I want it published …

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