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It’s been a topsy-turvy time recently. Whilst things have been going well with my writing and my textile art, inevitably, I suppose, other areas of my life have ben suffering. Most particularly, my poor house, which always seems to be the bottom of every list and receives only what I call the “crisis clean” (i.e. […]

Volcanic Sunset


There are two interesting things about this pair of photos. The first is, of course, the effect of the volcanic ash diffusing the sunlight into some rather spectacularly smoky rays … during the day, we really can’t see it in the sky. The second thing is the total lack of vapour trails (bearing in mind […]

So Bella was playing on the swing, and I happened to have my camera in my hand, when I noticed some rather splendid shadows on the lawn …. I love the way they tell the story of what’s happening, and the stuctural qualities of the swing supports and the small greenhouse casting the other shadow […]

“I can’t afford to be green. It’s a luxury for rich people.” A passing comment I overheard, that sparked a lot of thought the last few days. Not only about the simple answer to that question, but about all the myths and misinformation and downright confusion surrounding the whole issue. I guess there are two […]

South Bank


We went up to London yesterday for a potter along the South Bank … the London Eye dominates it, from almost wherever you are: A lot of indutrial scale architecture around here: (Hayward Gallery) Festival Hall Waterloo – old Eurostar terminal Battersea Power Station (taken from the train).

So, last week, the Conservatives confirmed that, if elected, they will re-open the debate on fox-hunting with the aim of repealing the 2004 Hunting Act. The Hunting Act does also cover the hunting of stags and the coursing of hares with dogs, but it’s the fox that hits the headlines – invoking a strong and well-known image […]

Snakeshead fritillaries flowering in my garden. This makes me happy.



We were out and about yesterday, and walking in the woods we came across a very strange root/tree formation. The children didn’t like them – they were scary, and Honey said ‘it looks like horrible faces’. I can see where she’s coming from – some of the shapes remind me of gargoyles, and I certainly wouldn’t […]

Targets always seem to be a moveable feast for me, and I made a major under-estimate of the time I would need for HTRYN in this year.  Going forward, and based on all this work, I’m figuring that as things stand, my best estimate of the time I need per book is 4 months, so that […]

March Review


It’s been a funny old month – been feeling down and tired for a lot of it, not helped by screwing my back up and losing a week or so in the process. Writing 2 ) Finish STALKER edits and sub for critiques by the middle of Mar – deferred, because the Anneth revisions/HTRYN was […]