Q2 – 2010 Targets (revised)


Targets always seem to be a moveable feast for me, and I made a major under-estimate of the time I would need for HTRYN in this year.  Going forward, and based on all this work, I’m figuring that as things stand, my best estimate of the time I need per book is 4 months, so that works out at 3 books a year … either writing or editing. That will have to carry forward into next year, although it’s incredibly frustrating to be deferring edit work on completed MS’ even further into the future. Thankfully, most things elsewhere appear to be running more-or-less to plan, so my stress levels aren’t getting too out of control.

1 ) Finish SERE first draft by the end of Feb – DONE
2 ) Finish STALKER edits and sub for critiques by the middle of Mar SEPTEMBER – deferred, will tag this for after I’ve finished Anneth.
3 ) Use HTRYN to revise ANNETH and prepare for submission by the end of April AUGUST – revised target for more realistic HTRYN schedule
4 ) Edit SERPENT OF COLCHIS and submit to TNC for crit by the end of June – deferred, but I’ll put it through for crit as-is, and incorporate the feedback into a single big revision, hopefully starting in December
5) Write SPIDERS (WT) by the end of September NOVEMBER – pushed back to make space for HTRYN
6) Edit DISCONNECTION and submit to TNC for crit by the end of November – deferred until next year. sigh.
7) Complete and post 1 crit per quarter for TNC
8) Complete and post 3 crits per month for Silver Griffin/Manic Medley
9) Submit 1 (new) short story to a paying market every month
10) Post to my blog at least once every week
11) Read at least 12 books and post a review to my blog for each book read

Textile Arts
a) Maintain and develop relationships with the galleries, and identify/approach/gain 2 new market openings
b) Submit a piece to the Surrey Open Art Competition (by end of Feb) – done, but unsuccessfully
c) Do two craft fairs – one summer and one Christmas
d) Update website, keep it and the blog up-to-date

i) Keep working on reducing my BMI – sensible eating plus 4 exercise sessions per week to hit a BMI of 22 by the end of the year.
ii) Reorganise and redecorate the loft space we use as an office/workspace/spare room by the end of Feb
iii) Grow as much of our own fruit and veg as humanly possible – that makes for a pretty busy planting season March – May
iv) Continue working through the list of ‘finishing off’ jobs for the house

Plus some woolly stuff around spending time with the family and the associated rushing about …

Not getting distracted by extraneous kipple


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