Shadow Shot Sunday Afternoon Garden


So Bella was playing on the swing, and I happened to have my camera in my hand, when I noticed some rather splendid shadows on the lawn …. I love the way they tell the story of what’s happening, and the stuctural qualities of the swing supports and the small greenhouse casting the other shadow … and the detail of those little feet swinging in from the left, too.

For more shadow-shots, see here


7 Responses to “Shadow Shot Sunday Afternoon Garden”

  1. 1 magicalmysticalteacher

    Shadow family,
    you will disappear at dusk,
    vanish from the lawn.

    Your choice of shadows:
    Shadowy tombstone
    Orphaned truck shadows

  2. Wonderful shadows from the play equipment and always wonderful to see children in active play.

  3. What a wonderful shadow picture. I love how you included the ‘real’ feet! I bet I know where that boot on the ground came from! How adorable!

  4. nicely captured.
    great job

  5. The details you’ve captured here are amazing! A whole story unfurls from viewing just one image! Awesome! I hope you and your family have a super week 🙂

  6. Awesome shot! How fun:D

  7. 7 tinkerbell's treehouse

    such an interesting shadow shot, it looks like you are at a fairground! lots of fun!!

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