April Update


I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland at the moment – dashing around with my eye on the clock muttering “I’m late, I’m late” as I try to get through everything. As a result it’s been a pretty up-and-down month … plenty of feeling stressed about keeping on top of everything, and the disruption of the Easter holidays to deal with, too. My confidence in my abilities has been at an all-time low, too, and that hasn’t helped much either. For any craft, I suppose, it is necessary to serve an apprenticeship to properly learn the trade and refine talent into artistry, and it is inevitable that there are peaks and troughs along the way. Physical exhaustion and the lack of success are turning this month into a trough, where the amount still to be learned on so many fronts looks insurmountable, but I’m a bloody-minded stubborn sort, so I know I’ll stick with it.


Writing – the main target is to get some edits done to pull existing MS up to scratch for submission:
3) Use HTRYN to revise ANNETH and prepare for submission by the end of April AUGUST – revised target for more realistic HTRYN schedule – up to lesson 5 of HTRYN – slow but positive progress
4) Edit SERPENT OF COLCHIS and submit to TNC for crit by the end of June – deferred, but I’ll put it through for crit as-is, and incorporate the feedback into a single big revision, hopefully starting in December – submitted to TNC … hopefully will get a couple of good crits out of it, despite the low take-up.
7) Complete and post 1 crit per quarter for TNC – done
8) Complete and post 3 crits per month for Silver Griffin/Manic Medley – done
9) Submit 1 (new) short story to a paying market every month – not done. What is out is staying out, but I’m not adding to the inventory. I need to have a think about this
10) Post to my blog at least once every week – done
11) Read at least 12 books and post a review to my blog for each book read – on track

Textile Arts
a) Maintain and develop relationships with the galleries, and identify/approach/gain 2 new market openings – keeping up with existing galleries. One new gallery approached, with rejection (sigh). On hold on this until after the craft fair in May
c) Do two craft fairs – one summer and one Christmas – preparations in full flow for craft fair on May 22nd
d) Update website, keep it and the blog up-to-date – on track

i) Keep working on reducing my BMI – sensible eating plus 4 exercise sessions per week to hit a BMI of 22 by the end of the year. – on track – averaging 3 runs a week and 2 ballet classes, and diet is under control, mostly
ii) Reorganise and redecorate the loft space we use as an office/workspace/spare room by the end of Feb – done
iii) Grow as much of our own fruit and veg as humanly possible – that makes for a pretty busy planting season March – May in progress … I’m a little behind on the planting, but what’s in is doing well
iv) Continue working through the list of ‘finishing off’ jobs for the house – in progress

I think I’ve stayed pretty focussed, but all the trouble with Rumpus has been a massive time-sink, not just in needing to re-adjust our thinking and routines to help him, but also in researching and appointment setting and time with his teacher to get him the extra support he needs etc. His behaviour increasingly indicates that there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed, and I guess we are now in train to get that addressed and figure out some good strategies to help both him and the rest of the family, but it is such a massive and constant energy drain to try to keep him on the right track, and it inevitably sucks time away from the girls … something they are both starting to resent.

I added Flylady into my daily life … with a few teething troubles, I think her routines are working for me now. I’ve abandoned the daily cultish emails and am only dipping into the site every now and then for help and inspiration … what she has done is help me get back to the ‘time-blocking’ trick that I was using (and fell away from, inexplicably, since it works so well) and by doing a little restructuring around that and maintaining focus on the task at hand rather than trying to do too many different things at the same time, I’m starting to feel like the chaos is receding.

May, hopefully, will be a better month …


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  1. Beautiful blog, nice to find a fellow writer with similar interests!

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