May Review


This year is dashing past far too quickly, and suddenly there’s another month vanished into the comforting rhythm of a regular routine. It’s good to take the time out to pause and reflect on where I am with my goals for the year, and how these are working with my intentional words of COMPLETE and ENJOY.

I’ve noticed that I procrastinate when I’m torn between *wanting* to do one thing and feeling like I *ought* to be doing something else – in those circumstances, I paralyse myself and end up doing nothing at all. Noticing this about myself earlier this month gave me a little nudge to pull back and take a look at those conflicts and try to figure out what’s driving them.  What I noticed was that the ‘work’ elements of my life – my textile art and my writing – were working well and I was making consistent and satisfying progress in both. However, other areas of my life – home and garden – were getting neglected and I was feeling scattered and out of control, and getting increasingly frustrated and stressed by my inability to successfully juggle everything at once. I was starting back on the slippery slope into a vicious circle of negativity and depression … but at least this time I got in early and have hopefully nipped it in the bud.

Flylady (despite my early reservations) has helped enormously, by reminding me that the ‘timeblocking’ system I use for writing and textiles can be applied elsewhere, as well as for work, so by restructuring my weekly routines I’ve got things more or less back under control – the house is clean, the garden is coming along nicely, and the children are much happier because they have their regular blocks of my time and I’m effectively applying equal portions of time to each of the areas in my life that are important to me.

Of course, the side-lessons of that timeblocking system is that it is a guide, rather than a rigid system that has to be applied regardless of the circumstances – if I don’t feel like using that particular block of time to do one thing, then I can pretty much switch things around to do the thing I want to do, *knowing* that I can get to the other task later. The other important lesson has been changing my own mind-set so that I don’t feel I have to completely finish the task I start before I move onto something else. Yes, I want to complete things, but I’m able to tell myself that if I don’t finish it in this session, it’s OK, because there’ll be another session coming along *soon* when I can pick up the task again and continue working it to its eventual completion. That’s a *huge* change for me, and has been the single biggest thing that’s taken my stress levels back to manageable.

It’s been a tough month – with all this going on internally, my energy levels have been pretty low, but I feel good about the new system bedding in and working for me (rather than me working for it) and am hoping that next month will really start to see some dividends being repaid for it.

And so to the detail:

Writing – the main target remains to get some edits done to pull existing MS up to scratch for submission:

3 ) Use HTRYN to revise ANNETH and prepare for submission by the end of April AUGUST – revised target for more realistic HTRYN schedule – in progress, even if it feels like wading through treacle. Now at lesson 6 of 22, and I think I’m on track

4 ) Edit SERPENT OF COLCHIS and submit to TNC for crit by the end of June – deferred, but I’ll put it through for crit as-is, and incorporate the feedback into a single big revision, hopefully starting in December – received one excellent crit from the Novel Club group which has given me a lot to go on when I do get to the edit stage. Hoping for at least one more from this round

7 ) Complete and post 1 crit per quarter for TNC – on track with this – another crit due in June 8) Complete and post 3 crits per month for Silver Griffin/Manic Medley – I’m dropping behind on this, at least in part because activity in the groups is low at the moment and there generally isn’t 3 crits to do each month :p

9 ) Submit 1 (new) short story to a paying market every month – this just isn’t happening. I’m keeping what I’ve got out on submission circulating, but I’m not adding anything into the pile. I need to have a serious think about how short stories fit into my grand scheme of things, because they’re just not hitting my priority button at the moment

10) Post to my blog at least once every week – more or less on track

11) Read at least 12 books and post a review to my blog for each book read – on a bit of a reading hiatus at the moment … hoping to find the time to read *very* soon

Textile Arts

a) Maintain and develop relationships with the galleries, and identify/approach/gain 2 new market openings – maintaining relationships, yes, new openings, nothing

c) Do two craft fairs – one summer and one Christmas – craft fair done last month, another planned for July

d) Update website, keep it and the blog up-to-date – blog is up to date, updating the website will be a June task


i) Keep working on reducing my BMI – sensible eating plus 4 exercise sessions per week to hit a BMI of 22 by the end of the year. – totally on track with this, and feeling good, even if all my clothes are now too big for me!

ii) Reorganise and redecorate the loft space we use as an office/workspace/spare room by the end of Feb – done, though there is still sorting out of cupboard junk to do

iii) Grow as much of our own fruit and veg as humanly possible – that makes for a pretty busy planting season March – May – on track – the garden is looking great at the moment!

iv) Continue working through the list of ‘finishing off’ jobs for the house – not a huge amount done on this, but progressive streamlining and cleaning up is clearing the way to get at these

It’s been a month of steady progress rather than spectacular leaps forward, but I’m happy with that – I’d far rather have evolution than revolution.


One Response to “May Review”

  1. 1 Erin

    Changing your mindset is never easy. It sounds like you’re making great strides, even if it feels like Flylady’s baby steps. Good luck with continued progress!

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