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Until I spent some time this evening reviewing my photo library, and in particular the pictures I took on this afternoon’s walk up on Bisley Common, I hadn’t realised how much I get caught up on the micro, detailed level rather than on the more macro views of the scenery … What I particularly noticed […]

I’m working through the edits of the Anneth story, and it was turning into a bit of a slog … I’ve been through it so many times that the story had gone a bit stale on me and I didn’t know where I was going with it. The river had run dry, and for a […]

June Review


This month’s writing has been massively disrupted by the World Cup, something I failed to factor into my planning Still, it only happens once every 4 years, and has been thrilling to watch (even if painful in parts ). The big changes for this month have been removing two items off my writing list – […]