Natural Textures


Until I spent some time this evening reviewing my photo library, and in particular the pictures I took on this afternoon’s walk up on Bisley Common, I hadn’t realised how much I get caught up on the micro, detailed level rather than on the more macro views of the scenery …

What I particularly noticed about my ‘favourite’ images is the textural quality of them … and it occurs to me that there’s a link between these photos and my work in textiles that I’ve been exploring, almost unconsciously – a preoccupation with natural forms and patterns. It struck me, for the first time, today, that I could do more to explore that link – to develop and use the textural qualities of these pictures and re-interpret them using stitch and fabric, than I have been doing so far.

The bold severity of the iris swords, and the definite divisions between dark and light and the almost-regular pattern created by their uniform shape and structure contrasts with the softer chaos of the densely packed fronds of the bracken piling up around the paths on the common.

A natural avenue pillared by old oaks are solid partitions amongst the green foliage and the tufts of seeding grass around their feet.

But a closer look at the bark reveals a depth of texture and colour that raises some intriguing possibilities.

Not least of which is working with natural materials themselves … after I photographed this crumbling bark, I collected it up and brought it home. I’d like to experiment with attaching it to fabric and reworking the surface with stitch and perhaps some beading. It occurs to me that the eucalyptus in my garden is moulting at the moment … I wonder how that bark would work in  a textile-based piece?

When it comes to weaving, it’s always a good idea to look to the experts for inspiration … and who better than this lady? I had to seriously conquer some fears to take this picture, but I think it was worth it.

The web is ephemeral, but strong … and the contrast between it and these sandbags left in one of the many drainage ditches surrounding the common struck me.

I’m not sure where this exploration will take me, yet … but I’m looking forward to the adventure.


One Response to “Natural Textures”

  1. 1 bonniers

    I love those photos, particularly the one with the iris blades. The texture and contrast are fascinating…

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